Security Services

Security Services include:

  • Security is available 24/7 in the buildings and also in the residences

  • Security can be reached for The Education Centre, The Aviation Campus and all residences at: 705.474.7600 ext. 5555 or by calling the On-Duty Officer at 705.498.7244

  • Pamphlets detailing emergency measures in place, such as phones, etc., are available at the Security Offices B203

  • Emergency Telephones in remote building locations, parking lots and down the Monastery Path

  • Panic buttons in gyms’ change rooms

  • Surveillance cameras in main buildings, parking lots and residences

To Contact the On-Duty Officer: 705.498.7244

For more information, please contact:

Security & Parking Services
(705) 474-7600 ext. 5555
Fax: (705) 495-7912


College Drive Officer: 705.498.7244

Secondary Number: 705.471.2488

Commerce Court Officer: 705.498.9375