Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

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Ontario College Diploma
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2 years
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Train hands-on on actual aircraft! The aviation industry is growing, and skilled professionals are in high demand. Learn to troubleshoot vital aircraft components and systems, including the engine, hydraulics, flight control, avionics and landing gear, to ensure that an aircraft is airworthy. Study the challenging complexities of fixed and rotary wing aircraft while gaining the theoretical skills you need for apprenticeship employment.

The program is approved by Transport Canada and CCAA (Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace).

Note: Graduates receive 18 months of accreditation towards a Transport Canada issued Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence, Category M. Class attendance is mandatory.

Career Opportunities

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Field operations
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Local, regional, and international air carriers
  • Component overhaul

What You Learn

  • Aerodynamics - fixed wing and rotary
  • Gas turbine and reciprocating engines
  • Aircraft aluminum structures and repairs
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aircraft handling and taxiing
  • Composite structures and repairs
  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Trouble Shooting

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Admission Requirements: 

Program Prerequisites

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U and Gr 12 Math (C) or (U)

Attendance policy: 

The attendance policy adopted by the School of Aviation conforms to the Transport Canada policy for Approved Training Organizations. To preserve a high standard of maintenance and flight safety, students having missed more than 5% (95 hours) of the course through absences will not qualify for the experience credit of 18 months that is applied to the 48 month Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-Category “M” apprenticeship.


Semester One - Fall 2013:

AMT500 Aircraft Science and Aerodynamics

AMT501 Materials and Processes

AMT502 Aircraft Standard Practices

AMT503 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

AMT504 Aircraft Handling Procedures

AMT505 Basic Aircraft Electricity (DC)

AMT506 Aircraft Drawings

MTH511 Technical Mathematics for the AME


Semester Two - Winter 2014:

AMT600 Maintenance Management and Human Factors

AMT601 Composite Aircraft Structures

AMT602 Stressed Skin Structures

AMT603 Rotary Wing Aircraft I

AMT604 Aircraft Maintenance I

AMT605 Basic Aircraft Electricity (AC)

AMT606 Piston Engines I


Turbine Engines I

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online


Semester Three - Fall 2014:

AMT702 Advanced Aircraft Systems

AMT703 Rotary Wing Aircraft II

AMT704 Aircraft Maintenance II

AMT705 Aircraft Electrical Systems I

AMT706 Piston Engines II

AMT707 Turbine Engines II

AMT708 Avionics Systems I

CMM140 Communications for Technicians

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online


Semester Four - Winter 2015:

AMT800 Canadian Aviation Regulations

AMT802 Aircraft Equipment Familiarization

AMT803 Rotary Wing Aircraft III

AMT805 Aircraft Electrical Systems II

AMT806 Piston Engines III

AMT807 Turbine Engines III

AMT808 Avionics Systems II

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online

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Learning Outcomes: 

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In addition to using the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace, (CCAA) curriculum, Canadore has CCAA accreditation. Air Canada’s hiring practice gives preference to individuals with CCAA accreditation.

Approved by Transport Canada.

 Diploma entitles graduates to receive 18 months’ accreditation toward an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License, Category “M”.


Diploma to Degree

  • Griffith University

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