Group of biotechnology students in the lab

Program at a glance

Program code: 
030112 / 030113
Ontario College Diploma / Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Length of study: 
2 year / 3 year
Study options: 
Campus location: 
College Drive

Technician – 2 Years / Technologist – 3 years


The field of biotechnology is vast and limitless. Graduates can go on to work in a variety of settings and industries including health, agriculture and natural resources. Learn hands-on techniques from current, well-published professors. The program prepares students for rewarding careers exploring solutions to a variety of problems facing our planet, such as cancer research, control of infectious diseases, food shortages, and environmental sustainability.

Field placement option available in the Technologist stream of this program.

Your Future Career

  • Research laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Bioinformatics
  • Quality control
  • Forensics
  • Mining and environmental cleanup

What You Learn

  • Genetics
  • Micro/molecular biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry
  • Immunology and virology
  • Botany
  • Biostatistics and bioinformatics
  • Pharmacology/toxicology
Admission Requirements: 

Any one of the following:

  • ·         Grade 12 Compulsory English (ENG 4C or ENG 4U); Grade 11 Mathmatics (C) or (U); and one (1) of the following three sciences:

    Biology Grade 11 or 12 (C) or (U) (SBI 3C, SBI 3U, SBI 4U);
    Chemistry Grade 11 or 12 (C) or (U) (SCH 3U, SCH 4U, SCH 4C);

    Physics Grade 11 or 12 (C) or (U) (SPH 3U, SPH 4U, SPH 4C)
  • ·         Completion of Canadore College Pre-Health Program or equivalent

  • University and similar program graduates welcome! Advanced standing is determined on an individual basis
  • Mature Applicants: Ontario residents aged 19 or over without the OSSD will be considered on the basis of their results on the College's Mature Student Test.


(not used in the admission selection process):

  • Any additional Grade 11 and/or 12 sciences (C) or (U)
  • Any Grade 12 Mathematics (C) or (U)
  • Grade 11 (M) and/or Grade 12 (M) Computer Information Services (ICS 3M, ICS 4M)

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Technician & Technologist

Semester One - Fall:

BTN 100 Cell Biology

BTN 105 State of Biotechnology

BTN 110 Organ Physiology

CLT 100Canada's First Peoples

CHM 110 Inorganic Chemistry

CMM 125 College Communications I

PHY 155 Physics for Biotechnology


Semester Two - Winter:

BTN 131Genetics

BTN 215Biochemistry I (7 weeks)

BTN 230 Organic Chemistry (7 weeks)

BTN 300 Biostatistical Applications I

BTN 335Botany

BTN 415Scientific Literacy

MTH 130 Calculus

CIS 201Intro to Programming


Semester Three - Fall:

BTN 210 General Microbiology

BTN 320 Immunology

BTN 321 Bioinformatics

BTN 325 Biochemistry II (BTC325 for 2yr program)

BTN 441Statistical Programming

BTN 405Molecular Biology


Semester Four - Winter:

BTN 310Industrial Microbiology

BUS 261Project Management

BTN 430 Pharmacology/Toxicology

BTN 435 Proteomics

BTN 445 Applied Bioinformatics

BTN 455 Virology

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online


Technologist (3 year program)

Semester Five - Fall:

BTN 500 Field Placement 1

BTN 502 Biotechnology Issues


Semester Six - Winter:

BTN 600 Field Placement II

BTN 601 Field Placement Report

BTN 603 Biotechnology Issues II

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Learning Outcomes: 

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

View Biotechnology Technician Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

View Biotechnology Technologist Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Field placement: 


Canadore College reserves the right to place students in any clinical or field placement or combination of placements that are determined to be appropriate. Students must be prepared to travel to and from placements and/or relocate at their own expense for all or part of the placement.




Service Learning Tips


In 2016, Canadore Environmental professor and students travelled to Carriacou, Grenada for a 2-week marine conservation workshop as part of an educational exchange partnership with Caribbean Reef Buddy Organisation. Conservation work included underwater photography, reef fish identification, coral watch, AGGRA monitoring protocols and invasive species containment (i.e. Lion Fish). Students completed their PADI Advanced Water Certificate.


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Learning Outcomes