Digital Cinematography

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Program at a glance

Program code: 
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Length of study: 
3 years
Study options: 
Campus location: 
College Drive

The film industry is thriving in Canada, and there is a growing need for skilled workers in this dynamic and exciting field. Learn the art of filmmaking using new digital technologies like the RED EPIC camera used to shoot films like The Hobbit film series and The Great Gatsby. Start working on your own short film in your first year! This program is geared for the industry of today, where professionals must be able to understand all aspects of production including cinematography, screenwriting, editing and directing. You will gain a solid foundation to create visual stories and graduate with the tools you need to enter this rapidly-changing and evolving field.

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Your Future Career

  • Film and television technician
  • Directing and producing
  • Documentary and commercial productions

What You Learn

  • Scriptwriting, directing and producing
  • Cinematography, lighting and camera movement
  • Production design and art direction
  • Production processes and management
  • Motion graphics and compositing
  • Picture and sound editing
  • Working at Heights Certification
Admission Requirements: 

Program Prerequisites

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U.


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Semester One - Fall:

DCM100 Digital Cinematography I

DCM110Writing Skills for Film and Media I

DCM120Post-Production I


Production Process and Management I


History of the Cinema


General Education Elective - Online


Semester Two - Winter:


Digital Cinematography II


Writing Skills for Film and Media II


Post Production II


Sound Production I


Directing I


Production Design


Semester Three - Fall:

DCM 260

Motion Graphics and Compositing I

DCM 320

Advanced Post Production III

DCM 400

Advanced Digital Cinematography I

DCM 350

Directing II

DCM 390

Documentary Film Making I


Semester Four - Winter:

DCM 340

Sound Production II

DCM 410

Writing Skills for Film and Media III

DCM 450

Directing III

DCM 420

Advanced Post Production and Compositing

DCM 470

Producing a Short I


General Education Elective - Online


Semester Five - Fall:

DCM 500

Applied Filmmaking I

DCM 590

Portfolio Development


General Education Elective - Online


Semester Six - Winter:

DCM 600

Applied Filmmaking II

DCM 640

Post Production Mastering

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Learning Outcomes: 

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