Environmental Technician - Protection and Compliance

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Ontario College Diploma
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2 years
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College Drive

The environmental sector is growing and there is an emergence of new “green” jobs – locally, nationally and globally. Professionals are needed to deal with climate change issues, land restoration, water conservation, water management, and other sustainability concerns.

This program offers you the opportunity to learn hands-on from experienced professors in the lab and in the field, and gain the skills you need to launch an exciting and relevant career.


Your Future Career

  • Government agencies,ministries and department
  • Private, government and research laboratories
  • Energy sector
  • Conservation authorities
  • Natural resources
  • Water agencies
  • Private corporations and non-profit organizations

What You Learn

  • Microbiology and toxicology
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Biology and chemistry
  • MOECC Entry Level Drinking Water Certification
  • Earth science
  • Ecology
  • Applied geomatics and Green GPS Check Certification
Admission Requirements: 

Program Prerequisites

OSSD or equivalent,ENG4C or ENG4U

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Your Experience: 

Real Hands-on Experience

Theoretical knowledge is complemented by field trips, a one week field camp, optional international marine conservation course, hands-on laboratory sessions and practical outdoor field experience. Field work is conducted within our mail campus that is situated within the hardy Great lakes-St. Lawrence forest.Various data is collected within the local Duchesnay watershed and at other designated locatioons in the North Bay area. Laboratory training is conducted in Canadore’s large, well-equipped laboratories.

Ministry Of The Environment and Climate Change Entry Level Course For Drinking Water Operators (ELDW)

Students who successfully completethe ENV215 course and pass the Provincial exam with 70% or greater will have met the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment’s Entry-Level Course for Drinking Water Operators. This course is delivered by Canadore College in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Students are also prepared for and encouraged to write their Provincial Operator-In-Training Certificate in Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment. Provincial exams are scheduled at the college in the spring and fall period.

Environmental Field Camp


During your four semesters at Canadore, you are required to attend the environmental field camp course in the second year of the program and attend a mandatory field trip in the first year of the program. While at field camp, modern cabins and food are included in the ancillary fee cost to attend this four-day, three-night field camp. Students apply “hands-on” experience in GPS navigation and GIS technology, obtain GPS Greencheck certification, learn about current sustainable forestry practices, perform an aquatic stream assessment, and complete an environmental terrestrial assessment. First year students attending the daylong field trip experience the diversity of the environmental sectors and explore career opportunities.

As of 2017, Canadore students will have the option to travel to Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies for a 2-week marine conservation course as part of an educational exchange partnership with Caribbean Reef Buddy Organization. Conservation work includes underwater photography, reef fish identification, coral watch, AGGRA monitoring protocols and invasive species containment (i.e. Lion Fish). Students also gain their PADI Open Water and Advanced Water Certificate. Successful completion of this field camp course option qualifies as an equivalent transfer credit to ENV225.

Walkerton Clean Water Center


Through a partnership with post-secondary institutions offering water treatment related training, students interested in this career path have the opportunity to enroll in a subsidized accredited continuing education course (earn 1.9 CEU’s) offered at the WCWC training facility in Walkerton, Ontario. The Walkerton Clean Water Center is a world-class drinking water research center that works to safeguard Ontario’s water supply. Please visit www.wcwc.ca, for more information

Service Learning Trips

In 2016, Canadore Environmental professor and students travelled to Carriacou, Grenada for a 2-week marine conservation workshop as part of an educational exchange partnership with Caribbean Reef Buddy Organization. Conservation work included underwater photography, reef fish identification, coral watch, AGGRA monitoring protocols and invasive species containment (i.e. Lion fish). Students completed their PADI Advanced Water Certificate.


Semester One - Fall:

BIO 115 Biology for Environmental Protection

CHM 110 Inorganic Chemistry

ENV 214 Earth Science

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online

ENV 260State of the Environment

MTH 191 Math for Technicians


Semester Two - Winter:

ENV 243Environmental Law

CHM 125 Chemistry II

ENV 125 Ecology

CMM 140Technical Writing I

MTH 195Applied Statistics

GENEDGeneral Education Elective - Online


Semester Three - Fall:

BIO 121Environmental Microbiology I

ENV 203Environmental Monitoring

ENV 204Environmental Chemistry

ENV 245 Environmental Project Planning and Management

GEO 100 Applied Geomatics

ENV 225 Field Camp


Semester Four - Winter:

BIO 220 Environmental Microbiology II

CLT 100Canada's First Peoples

ENV 210Limnology

ENV 215 Environmental Technology

ENV 240Environmental Toxicology

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Learning Outcomes: 

Learning outcomes represent culminating demonstrations of learning and achievement. In addition, learning outcomes are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation of one another. As such, they should be viewed as a comprehensive whole. They describe performances that demonstrate that significant integrated learning by graduates of the program has been achieved.

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Additional Credentials: 



  • CPS Greencheck Certification – Level I, II, III
  • GIS
  • MOL – Worker Health & Safety Awareness (Level 4)
  • OBBN
  • Entry Level Drinking Water
  • *PADI Open Water and Advanced Water
  • *Coral Watch
  • *Reef fish identification
  • *Underwater Photography
  • *AGGRA monitoring protocols


Note: * = certifications part of ENV226 – Marine Conservation Course


Operator in Training Certification (OIT)

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in water/waste water treatment are prepared to challenge the provincial OIT exam at the end of the fourth semester.

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