Indigenous Pre-Health Studies

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Ontario College Certificate
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1 year
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College Drive

Prepare for further college studies or your future career in the health sciences sector in our unique culture-based program. This program will prepare you to meet the challenges of postsecondary education while you gain a solid understanding of Indigenous history and culture, as well as vital science and math skills.


What You Learn

  • Technical math                                
  • Chemistry     
  • Human biology
  • Culture and heritage
  • Introduction to Ojibwe or Cree
  • Mathematic applications
  • Student success strategies: Ingwamazin/Aagamezii
  • Identity and the Indigenous psyche
  • Social justice and Indigenous societies
  • Wellness
Admission Requirements: 

Program Prerequisites

OSSD or equivalent


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Semester One - Fall:

IPS 100 Culture and Heritage

OJI 100 Introduction to Ojibwe

MTH 092 Mathematic Applications and Indigenous Knowledge

IPS 130 Student Success Strategies: Ingwamazin/Aagamezii

CHM 105 Introductory Chemistry

BIO 098Human Biology I

Semester Two - Winter:

IPS 210 Identity and the Indigenous Psyche

IPS 230 Social Justice and Indigenous Societies

OJI 200 Introduction to Ojibwe

IPS 110 Wellness

CHM 119 Fundamentals of Chemistry

BIO 109Human Biology II

MTH 138 Pre-Health Math II


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Learning Outcomes: 

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