Police Foundations

Female police officer standing with a police car

Program at a glance

Program code: 
Ontario College Diploma
Length of study: 
2 years
Study options: 
Campus location: 
Commerce Court

Start an exciting career in the field of law enforcement and become a leader in your community. Learn from experienced professors, inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout your training you will work on a number of projects with policing agencies and may have the opportunity to be paired with a serving police officer mentor. Canadore has close partnerships with municipal, regional, and provincial police services, providing you with vital experience and networking opportunities.


Your Future Career

  • Provincial/Municipal police agencies
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Public and private law enforcement agencies
  • Canadian military
  • Corrections
  • Border services

What You Learn

  • Criminology
  • Criminal and civil law
  • Interviewing and investigation
  • Psychology
  • Fitness and lifestyle management
  • Provincial offences
  • Community policing
  • First Nations communities
  • Traffic management
  • Forensics
Admission Requirements: 

Program Prerequisites

OSSD or equivalent, ENG4C or ENG4U

Additional Requirements

Although no criminal record check is required for acceptance into Police Foundations, some course-related activities will require the student to consent to a police background check.


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Semester One - Fall:

SLJ 101Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice

SLJ 102Criminology I

SOC 100Foundations in Sociology

CMM 125 College Communications

PSY 100Foundations in Psychology

SLJ 104Careers in Criminal Justice

PFP 106Ethics in Law Enforcement

PFP 108 Fitness and Lifestyle Management I

Semester Two - Winter:

SLJ 305Youth in Conflict

HUM 200Group Dynamics

CMM 230 Workplace Communication

GENED General Education Elective - Online

PFP 205Canadian Politics and Public Administration

PFP 206 Community and Social Services

PFP 210Introduction to Forensics

PFP 208 Fitness and Lifestyle Management II

Semester Three - Fall:

SLJ 304Issues in Diversity and First Nations

PFP 301Criminal and Civil Law

PFP 302Criminal Code I

PFP 303Police Powers I

PFP 304Interviewing and Investigations

PFP 306 Community Policing I

PFP 307 Traffic Management I

PFP 308 Fitness and Lifestyle Management III

Semester Four - Winter:

PFP 401 Provincial Offences

PFP 402 Criminal Code and Federal Statutes

PFP 403 Police Powers II

PFP 410Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction 

PFP 405 Conflict Management

PFP 406 Community Policing II

PFP 407 Traffic Management II

PFP 408Career Fitness Testing

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Learning Outcomes: 

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