Canadore Volunteers - How-To

How to Register for your CCR

If you have already registered on the Job Portal, skip to step 6

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Student Login"
  3. Enter your student number and a password (First time signing in as a new student, your initial password is your birthday YYYYMMDD then you can change it)
  4. Enter all of your information in the blank fields
  5. Click "Submit Registration"
  6. Click on "Co-Curricular Record"
  7. View "Opportunities"

Remember your login information and check back regularly for new opportunities.

Are you going to participate in an activity and can't find it in the directory list? Tell us about it!
Email us -

Keep in mind, before it can be included, it must meet the following five criteria:

  1. Be co-curricular in nature and is not required for academic credit
  2. Provides students with meaningful learning opportunities
  3. Support and foster personal and professional growth
  4. Takes place on or off campus and have an identifiable link to Canadore College
  5. Meets Canadore's validation requirements; only activities sanctioned by Canadore College and validated by a member are eligible for CCR recognition

Canadore students, faculty and staff can submit request to add new activities to the CCR's directory, however, only those requests submitted prior to the start of the activity, or shortly after it has begun can be considered for the current academic year.

Requests to add new volunteer activities can be forwarded to

After participating in a CCR activity and completing the minimum number of participation hours, students must return to the CCR website and under their student view of the CCR website:

  • Select the tab (My Record)
  • Go to "Add an activity to your record" and input the name of the activity you participated in
  • Select the learning outcomes (areas of development) you achieved during your participation in the CCR activity (a maximum of 5 learning outcomes will appear on your CCR)
  • Click on the button (Add to Record) at the bottom of the page
  • View the "pending" activity message once automatically redirected to the (My Record) page

The CCR activity leader will review the student's request and will either accept or decline the request based on whether he/she completed the minimum number of participation hours.

When a request is approved, the PDF icon will appear under the tab (My Record), the students can click on the icon and print copies of their CCR (recommendation: use a colour printer and a quality paper stock)

Students may request that a declined decision be reviewed by contacting Canadore's Co-Curricular Site Administrator at

Note: declined requests will not appear on the student's CCR record

Students do not have a CCR until they have requested to have an activity added to their CCR and it has been approved.

Once the activity validator has approved a request, a PDF icon appears under your (My Record) tab found only in the student view of the CCR website. Students can click on the PDF icon and print as many copies of their CCR record as required.

Recommendation: use a colour printer and quality paper stock.

Note: Alumni will not have access to the student view of the CCR website and therefore will not have access to their profile. Remember to save a copy of your CCR pdf.

The Co-Curricular Record's Authenticity Code:

Each CCR record is assigned a unique 20 digit numeric code which is located at the top of the CCR record.

To confirm the authenticity of the CCR record:

  • Visit the public view of Canadore's CCR website (the URL is listed at the bottom of the CCR record)
  • Select the tab (Verify a Record)
  • Input the 20 digit numeric code


Trina St. Jacques
Employer Relations Coordinator
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