Facilities and Services

Residence Keycards

Upon check in you will be given an electronic room keycard. Keep your keycard with you at all times as it is your access into Residence and your unit.

Residence Managers and/or staff are not responsible for letting you in your room if you damage or misplace your keycard.

Residents are responsible for the cost of replacing damaged or lost keycards. If your keycard does not allow you into your suite, please visit the Residence front desk. If you are locked out of your suite, you will need to contact the Residence front desk or your roommate to gain access.

Residence Staff and Security reserve the right to see your key card while you are in the building.

Do not lend your keys card to anyone! This is a violation of security and you will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions. Do not leave your suite door open at any time; this would include having your door “propped open”.

Each suite is equipped with a fire rated door that allows for a barrier if a fire was to happen in Residence. The suite door must be kept closed in order to allow for this barrier to work.

Staff will remind residents to close their suite door while doing their rounds or close any unlocked door as required.

Neither the Residence nor the college is responsible for missing items.


These are common areas available for use by all residents 24 hours a day, pending noise levels. Each Lounge offers different furnishings to suit varying tastes. Take some time to explore your new home and see what it has to offer. Absolutely no glass, open drink containers, or alcohol is allowed in any of the common areas. Furniture should not be removed from the Lounges for any reason and the lounge area must be left clean and free from garbage after use.

Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance staff takes great pride in ensuring that our building is always meeting our high standards. Maintenance staff are very willing to assist with anything in your suite or the building that may be in need of repair. We encourage you to complete a Maintenance Request if you notice anything of this nature in your suite, or to report anything in a common area to the front desk. When tending to maintenance requests, authorized residence staff will enter your suite room (usually between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm unless there is an emergency).


  1. Log onto the Residence Portal with your username and password
  2. Click on the “Maintenance” tab
  3. Follow the simple steps online to create your request

Plugged toilets and sinks are the responsibility of the residence to clear, and Residents can borrow a plunger at the front desk.

Please note - Any damage caused to the common areas of your suite are subject to collective financial responsibility of both you and your roommate. Where possible, damages that can be traced to an individual will be billed to that individual only. Damages to the building or property caused by your guests will also be your financial responsibility.

Garbage and Recycling Services

Garbage chutes are located on each floor of the Residence. These chutes are only to be used to dispose of small garbage bags. Please do not put cardboard boxes, over stuffed garbage bags, or other over-sized items down the chute as this could cause blockages. All recyclable items are to be taken to the designated recycling area in your building.


All students parking in the residence lots mus0t purchase a parking permit through Canadore Security and Parking Services located at the College Drive campus.

Learn more about Parking Services at Canadore College

Internet Access

Internet access via wi-fi is available throughout the Residence using the Canadore Residence wi-fi network.

If you have any issue with the internet on campus or in residence, please contact the front desk in C15.

Housekeeping Services

On a bi-weekly basis, our housekeeping  staff will enter your suite to do a light cleaning of the common areas of each suite (kitchenette and bathroom). Housekeeping services are not optional, and schedules will be posted in the residence, and students will be notified of any disruption in services.

All residents are asked to prepare their suite for the arrival of housekeeping services by removing items from their floors, counter spaces and sinks in the common areas of the suite on the day of their scheduled cleaning, to ensure the housekeeping staff are able to make the suites’ clean as thorough as possible. Housekeeping services will not enter the student bedrooms.

Please note – it is the responsibility of each resident to ensure their suite is kept clean in between housekeeping services. Should housekeeping be unable to complete the light clean of a suite due to unhygienic conditions, the student will be given 24 hours to return the suite to a proper state before a cleaning fee will apply.