Living Learning Community

What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

A living-learning community is a residence environment designed to allow students to connect their academic learning to their interpersonal and social development by participating in programs with other student who have similar interests, or are in a similar academic program. LLCs have the distinct role of engaging students in curricular and co-curricular learning on an on-going basis, with the hopeful outcome of student engagement, retention, and ownership in their own learning. Living in residence is positively correlated with higher levels of achievement, cognitive development, and academic persistence.


In a living-learning community, students are placed on the same floor as their peers in the same academic program or field. Their residence experience is supported by a Resident Assistant who lives on their floor, and supplements their academic learning with social and academic programming opportunities in residence based on the theme of their floor. LLCs are a student success tool that the residence and academic department collaborate on to strengthen the student experience.


Aviation Community at Canadore

Canadore College and Residence are excited to expand their support of the Aviation students that are living and learning at Canadore. Aviation students have traditionally been housed together in residence, and as this program develops further, we are excited to build a strong relationship with the School of Aviation to continue to build on the living-learning community for Aviation.

Starting in September 2019, we will be offering a wealth of programming to support the following learning of our Aviation students at Canadore College and Residence.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, students in the Aviation LLC at Canadore will:

  • Build positive relationships with students, faculty and the Canadore Residence community;
  • Gain a greater knowledge of resources that exist to aid in student success;
  • Develop effective learning and study skills relevant to success in the aviation field;
  • Learn positive collaboration skills to be used in and outside of the classroom;
  • Enhance career planning and preparation, including learning about the aviation field post-graduation.

How do I join the Aviation LLC?

Students who are studying Aviation at Canadore who have applied to live in Residence will be contacted once their application is received and processed. Students will have an opportunity to express their interest in living with their peers in the Aviation program, and will be offered a room on our designated Aviation LLC floor.

For more information about the Aviation LLC, please contact Sally Newman at