The Mirai Project

Welcome to The Mirai Project! A student-led and student-driven competition focusing on the integration of technology in the healthcare field. Canadore College has partnered with InspireTech to host a competition that addresses real-world issues using innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking. High school students from across the province are tasked with creating a technology-based solution to a real world scenario, combining elements of a case study competition and a hackathon. Participants will present their solution to a panel of judges, incorporating practical healthcare elements and innovative software creation to solve problems related to the healthcare industry.


Mission and Goals

Encourage students to engage with new emerging technologies

  • The Mirai Project provides students the opportunity to use and engage with industry-standard technologies allowing them to learn real-world transferrable skills and build their resume.

Develop essential problem-solving & critical thinking skills

  • The Mirai Project will allow students to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, empowering them to address real-world healthcare challenges with innovative technological integration and a unique business mindset.

Promote creativity & strengthen communication

  • The Mirai Project allows students to channel their inner creativity to create unique and novel solutions, with an emphasis on practicality, that can revolutionize the healthcare field. Students will further develop their communication skills by presenting their innovative ideas in a clear and concise manner.


Please fill out the Registration Form to join the competition which kicks off November 13 through 17, 2023.