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Canadore College and WE are excited to announce a new partnership which intends to create a learning community focused on supporting leadership development both on campus and within the local and regional communities. The leadership program will bring students together from different cultures and empower them to become better local and regional citizens. We are currently seeking students that would like to participate in the leadership program.


WE brings over a decade of successful youth development experience to our programs which incorporate a variety of social justice themes to facilitate development of leadership skills and global competencies including critical thinking, reflection, argument formation and action planning.



You will participate in simulations, team challenges and discussions to discover new information and different perspectives. This process is defined in our Theory of Change, and it applies three key focal points to guide participants in the exploration of leadership development, social justice education, and civic duty. The focal points are: issue education, skill development and action planning.



  • Improve participants’ leadership skills to become active agents of change within campus and broader community
  • Develop campus-and-community development action plans and create positive change
  • Develop student leadership capacity
  • Canadore College has been working closely with WE to develop custom modules and case studies for the program that are reflective of Canada’s diverse cultures, traditions and knowledge, and will cover additional themes like anti-bullying, creating a caring and positive campus culture, active citizenship and more.


ME to WE’s programming is delivered by a team of passionate individuals who are committed to empowering young adults to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Shawn Jones - Senior Leader

Pronouns He/Him
Meet Shawn Jones Jr., from Windsor, Ontario. Shawn is studying Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance, and chose that program to be able to broaden his understanding and love for the field of Aviation. Shawn decided to enrol at Canadore because of the amazing facility and the friendly staff. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys participating in many different events and committees, reading, playing sports, working out, and playing video games. Shawn applied to the WE Leadership program in hopes of expanding his knowledge, improving on his leadership skills, and making new friends. Shawn hopes to use his experience with the WE Leadership program to learn all types of leadership styles and combine them into what he does for a better way of making positive change.

Madison Mancini - Senior Leader

Pronouns She/Her

Meet Madison Mancini, from Ottawa, Ontario. Madison is in the Recreation and Leisure Services program, and chose that program since she has been working within the field since she was 16. "It was something close to home and that I knew I would enjoy." Madison chose Canadore because she found that the Recreation and Leisure Services program at Canadore was much more diverse and different than other similar programs at other colleges. In her free time, Madison enjoys running and training, as well as creating music. Madison applied to the WE Leadership program as a Senior leaders because "I had an incredible experience last year and want to help make those who are in the group this year feel how I felt, if not more." Madison hopes, as a senior leader, to "develop my leadership skills to push myself further then I have before."

Angela Proudfoot - Senior Leader

Meet Angela Proudfoot, from Toronto, Ontario. Angela is enrolled in Environmental Tech & Protection, and very passionate about conservation and making a change in the world. Angela chose to study at Canadore because of how great of a school it is and the environmental surrounding the campus was perfect for her area of study. In her free time, Angela enjoys hiking, volunteering, roller-skating, going on adventures, and crochet. The WE Leadership program was suggested to be an appropriate fit for Angela, and her goal is to do keep learning, evolving, and do what she can to change the world in a positive way while helping others reach their goals.

Josée Lefebvre - Senior Leader

Meet Josée Lefebvre, from Astorville, Ontario. Josée is studying Dental Hygiene, and chose Canadore because it is located near her family and she heard great things about the program. In her free time, Josée plays music, draws, writes and plays sports. Josée applied for the WE Leadership program because she’s been involved with WE multiple times and really admires what the organization stands for. Josée hopes to use her time with the WE Leadership program to make an impact in her school as well as her community.

Isabelle Amyotte

Meet Isabelle Amyotte, from North Bay. Isabelle is studying in the Social Service Worker program and chose it because they were “born to make a difference in this world.” Wanting to study at Canadore came from a desire to stay in North Bay and because Canadore “is one of the best colleges in Ontario.” Isabelle loves to spend time with her husband and be spontaneous in life. Through the WE Leadership program, Isabelle hopes to “communicate better and have thoughts processed with much more confidence without questioning myself all the time.”

Bridget Anca

Meet Bridget Anca, currently studying Indigenous Preparatory Studies program and is a graduate of the Environmental Technician: Protection and Compliance program.  Bridget plans to work with indigenous communities to gain potable drinking water and restoring natural resources. “I love to volunteer and help people when I see someone is in need, I’m very outgoing and you can always find me smiling!”

Heather Bonney

Meet Heather Bonney, originally from Toronto and relocated to North Bay. Healther is studying Practical Nursing because it has always been a career of interest. Wanting to study at Canadore came from wanting to stay local and study with “one of the best Nursing programs in Ontario.” Through the WE Leadership program, Heather hopes to “gain more confidence and strategies for leading others.  Nursing requires taking a leadership role and advocating for your clients so I hope this program will help me with skills for that.”

Julia Champoux

Meet Julia Champoux, from Eldee. Julia is studying Practical Nursing and has always dreamt of being able to take care of people. Wanting to study at Canadore came from the convenient location and wanting to study at a great college that all of her family has attended. Julia loves “exploring the beautiful country we have right under our feet. The choice to join the WE Leadership program because as a VP on student council, it was a great way to get “more involved with our schools’ activities.”  Through the WE Leadership program, Julia hopes to “make an impact in my community and especially in my school community within my friends groups and the student body.”

Eleisha Collins

Meet Eleisha Collins, from Barrie. Eleisha is studying Respiratory Therapy after studying nursing for a few years, inspiration struck from the clinical role of a respiratory therapist.  Wanting to study at Canadore was solidified after attending an open house, “everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it felt like home from that day. It’s also close to my family!” Eleisha wanted to join the WE Leadership program because “it will help me gain more confidence in my leadership skills.” Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to gain more confidence in being a leader, and be able to work with a good team to make a change at Canadore and in the community.”

John Cooper

Sarah Duquette

Meet Sarah, from North Bay. Sarah is the VP of Student Life at Canadore and is studying Mental Health and Addictions because of “my past, the people in my life who have influenced me and my compassionate nature.” The choice to join the WE Leadership group came from wanting to access more leadership skills. Through the WE Leadership program “I would like to see full-time counseling services available on campus, whether it be in partnership with Nipissing University or a program the college would offer independently.”

Brianne Gardner

Tiffaney Ganci

Meet Tiffaney, from Barrie. Tiffaney is studying Acting for Stage and Screen thanks to a love of drama and a dream of being on stage. Wanting to study at Canadore came after visiting the school and falling in love with the community. Tiffaney enjoys art, reading and writing poetry, The choice to join the WE Leadership program stems from a life-long passion for helping others. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope I can help create some good in the world and make people smile. I also hope to grow as a person and a leader.”

Mikaela Goertz

Tori Hawke

Meet Victoria (Tori), from Powassan. Tori is studying Mental Health and Addiction Worker and wants to help people better themselves by improving their mental health or by helping them through their addiction. “I enjoy working with people on issues occurring in the community while improving my leadership skills,” so the WE Leadership program was the perfect fit. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to be able to improve my leadership skills and build relationships throughout the school year.”

Brad Laughlin

Meet Bradley, from Bracebridge. Brad is a graduate from the Recreation and Leisure Services and Strength and Sport Conditioning programs and is currently starting the Business program. Brad enjoy hanging out with friends, playing video games and weightlifting. The choice to join the WE Leadership program came from wanting to “better myself and better others. I have always wanted to show positivity in my life and other people's lives as well. I feel that growing strong leaders will lead to a greater community of like-minded individuals.” Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to build more diversity among other students and show others that they are able to create change and stand up for what is right.”

Justin Leybourne

Meet Justin, from Toronto. Justin is studying Environmental Technician thanks to a love for nature, the outdoors and a belief that “we need to protect our natural resources before it’s too late.” Wanting to study at Canadore came after some reaching and realizing “how beautiful the campus is and noticed high success rates.” The choice to join the WE Leadership group happened thanks to “volunteering this summer at Canadore College I had the pleasure of working alongside a fellow student who highly recommended this program.” Through the We Leadership program, “I hope to gain more confidence by arming myself with the knowledge and tools needed to become a great leader.”

Sharmarke Mohamed

Sarah Moyer

Meet Sarah, from Emsdale. Sarah is a graduate from the Community and Justice Services program and is now studying Mental Health and Addictions and is “passionate about people and their wellbeing.” Wanting to join the WE Leadership program stemmed from a desire to be “someone who dreams of a better future, for not just the people I know, but people all over the world, this is something that spoke to me. It was my goal this year to get involved with an organization that allows me to be part of accomplishing this dream, I just never thought I’d find an opportunity so close to home.” Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to become more involved with communities while honing the leadership abilities I already have. With the organization providing opportunity right within my school, I will be given the chance to work one on one with other like-minded individuals while still keeping to prior commitments. In addition, being able to pass on knowledge and relevant skills to today's youth is something I consider to be priceless.”

Conor Nesbitt

Meet Conor, from Brampton. Conor is studying Post Production after wanting to continue studying in the film field in order to gather more knowledge for the industry. Conor loves spending time with friends, working out and biking. The choice to join the WE Leadership program came from wanting a personal challenge and wanting to contribute to the school society. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to grow awareness for topics and people groups. I hope we can make a better environment for study and fun.”

Shane Pringle

Meet Shane, from Barrie. Shane is studying Environmental Technician – Protection and Compliance. Being a self-proclaimed environmentalist who loves sports, biking, hiking, video games and politics, Shane has become very active within the Canadore community. The choice to join the WE Leadership program came from a desire to give back to the college community. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to gain new knowledge and experiences from the program.”

Jenny Smith

Meet Jennifer, from Newmarket. Jenny is studying Recreation and Leisure Services because “I enjoy working with children and youth creating programs that will bring people together.” Wanting to study at Canadore came from learning about the focus on aboriginal inclusiveness and involvement. The choice to join the WE Leadership program came from wanting to be more involved within the College community. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to make an impact that reaches many students and help better the community.”

Dorwin Strang

Meet Dorwin, from Pikangikum First Nation. Dorwin is studying Electrical Techniques to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter an apprenticeship program. Wanting to study at Canadore was thanks to Canadore supporting graduates “to follow a clear career path.” The choice to join the WE Leadership program came from wanting to “represent my culture and to learn about other cultures as well and make new friends. Through the WE Leadership program, “I hope to accomplish strong communication skills and I hope to make a difference within the campus.”

Ursula Ullrich

Meet Ursula, from North Bay. Ursula is studying Civil Engineering Technology thanks to a desire of “obtaining a career that combines my strength in math with my interest in the environment and sustainability.” Through the WE Leadership program, “I am hoping to become more informed about social issues, and to further develop my leadership skills to help initiate positive change.”

WE LeadershipAlumni

  • Tessa Alyman (2017.18)
  • Bridget Anca (2017.18)
  • Allison Armstrong (2017.18)
  • Emily Ayotte (2017.18)
  • Trevor Beard (2017.18)
  • Sylvie Beaulne (2017.18)
  • Nick Chaisson (2017.18)
  • Robin Chokomolin (2017.18)
  • Olivia Doucette (2017.18)
  • Amanda Gambell (2017.18)
  • Kathleen Garvey (2017.18)
  • Jason Harris (2017.18)
  • D'Shawn Johnson (2018)
  • Josee Lefebvre (2017.18)
  • Ryan Mason (2017.18)
  • Toddrick Metzger (2017.18)
  • Adele Orr (2017.18)
  • Jaclyn Paddison (2017.18)
  • Zoe Prest (2017.18)
  • Mark Reed - WE Canadore Outstanding Leader Award (2017.18)
  • Chantel St. Amour - WE Canadore Outstanding Leader Award (2017.18) 
  • Alia Woodward (2017.18)