Canadore College and WE Leadership Program

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Canadore College and WE are excited to announce a new partnership which intends to create a learning community focused on supporting leadership development both on campus and within the local and regional communities. The leadership program will bring students together from different cultures and empower them to become better local and regional citizens. We are currently seeking students that would like to participate in the leadership program.


WE brings over a decade of successful youth development experience to our programs which incorporate a variety of social justice themes to facilitate development of leadership skills and global competencies including critical thinking, reflection, argument formation and action planning.



You will participate in simulations, team challenges and discussions to discover new information and different perspectives. This process is defined in our Theory of Change, and it applies three key focal points to guide participants in the exploration of leadership development, social justice education, and civic duty. The focal points are: issue education, skill development and action planning.



  • Improve participants’ leadership skills to become active agents of change within campus and broader community
  • Develop campus-and-community development action plans and create positive change
  • Develop student leadership capacity
  • Canadore College has been working closely with WE to develop custom modules and case studies for the program that are reflective of Canada’s diverse cultures, traditions and knowledge, and will cover additional themes like anti-bullying, creating a caring and positive campus culture, active citizenship and more.

The eight day intensive program delivery will take place during the Fall (Oct 23-27) and Spring (Feb 26-Mar 2) Reading Weeks; successful applicants will have a chance to participate in WE Day.



ME to WE’s programming is delivered by a team of passionate individuals who are committed to empowering young adults to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Adele Orr

Meet Adele Orr, from North Bay, Ontario. Adele is in her first year of the Business Accounting program, and chose that program because of her love for mathematics. Adele chose Canadore because of the small-town atmosphere and the close proximity to her family. In her spare time, Adele enjoys watching Netflix, playing video games, playing with her dog and napping. Adele applied to the WE Leadership program in hopes of making a difference in her school and community. Adele is looking forward to developing her leadership skills and making new friends.

Alia Woodward

Meet Ali Woodward, from Cambridge, Ontario. Ali is enrolled in Ecotourism, and chose that program because she has always been an advocate for the environment. Ali spends most of her free time outside enjoying the natural sunlight, landscapes, animals, and anything outside. Ali chose Canadore because she was already living in North Bay, and was interested in their environmental related programs. Ali was introduced to the WE Leadership program through her professor, and was hesitant at first because it was a little outside of her comfort zone. That being said, Ali hopes to use the WE Leadership program to use her voice to be heard by the community, and strengthen her leadership skills to one day make a global impact.

Amanda Gambell

Meet Amanda Gambell, from Kilworthy, Ontario. Amanda is in her first year of Digital Cinematography, and chose that program because of the many new job opportunities as the Canadian Film industry grows each year. Amanda chose Canadore because the program is three years long, the equipment is provided, and the beautiful campus. Amanda spends her spare time with friends and family, watching movies, and playing games. Amanda applied to the WE Leadership program because leadership skills are important in the film industry, and she wants to help out the local community. Amanda hopes to use her experience in the WE Leadership skills to gain good leadership skills and work with her team to create a better community in North Bay.

Chantel St. Amour

Meet Chantel St. Amour, from Pakenham, Ontario. Chantel is a graduate of the Mental Health & Addiction Worker program, and is currently enrolled in Community & Justice Services. Chantel chose this program to be able to expand her learning and focus on another interest of hers which is Law. She chose Canadore because of the dual diploma option, and the beautiful campus that she fell in love with. In her free time, Chantel enjoys driving, reading, spending time with her friends & family, kayaking and camping. Chantel applied to the WE Leadership program to improve her leadership skills so that she can become better in her current position as the VP of Student Life at Canadore, and in her future career. Chantel wants to challenge herself and make a change in the community, and she is confident that she can make this happen through the WE Leadership program.

Emily Ayotte

Meet Emily Ayotte, from Ayr Ontario. Emily is currently in Public Relations, and chose that program to gain additional skills to go along with her Broadcasting: TV/Video Production diploma. Emily chose Canadore because she loves the campus and the class sizes. In her free time, Emily enjoys taking photos, writing, drawing and hanging out with friends. Emily applied to the WE Leadership program to take advantage of the great opportunity to grow as a person and meet new people. She hopes the WE Leadership program allows Canadore to become an even stronger community, allowing all students to enjoy their time here.

Jaclyn Paddison

Meet Jaclyn Paddison, from Peterborough, Ontario. Jaclyn is in Recreation Therapy and chose that program because she loves promoting recreation and being active. Jaclyn chose to study at Canadore after falling in love with the scenery surrounding the campus, and connecting with the friendly and welcoming school environment. Jaclyn enjoys her free time outside, hiking, playing sports, and playing board games with friends. Jaclyn considers herself a quiet and laid back leader, and applied for the WE Leadership program in hopes of improving herself as a leader and gaining new skills and leadership styles. Jaclyn hopes to take the knowledge and experience she gains from the WE Leadership program and become a better advocate for people facing various social justice issues.

Jason Harris

Meet Jason Harris, from Nipissing First Nation, Ontario. Jason is studying Environmental Technician – Protection and Compliance and chose that program to learn more about climate change and environmental issues; hoping to incite change in fields that affect human consumption and sustainability. Jason chose Canadore because he is local to the area, and he was drawn to the friendly and familiar atmosphere. In his free time, Jason enjoys filming and photographing the great outdoors and wildlife. Jason also plays several instruments and is a volunteer and YourTV (formerly Cogeco). Jason applied for the WE Leadership program because he felt it was a great opportunity for meeting like-minded people who share similar interests and passions. Jason hopes to make a lasting connection with a new network of friends, and to be able to strengthen and support each other.

Kathleen Garvey

Meet Kathleen Garvey, from Burlington, Ontario. Kathleen is enrolled in Recreation Therapy, and chose that program to supplement her Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma, and learn more about creating accessible recreation programs. Kathleen chose Canadore because she wanted to get away from the city and she also spent time here as a child so it seemed like a perfect fit, and it was. Kathleen enjoys participating in recreational sports, outdoor adventures, cooking, baking and spending time with friends and family. Kathleen applied to the WE Leadership program because she always thought of herself as a leader, and wants to work with like-minded people from her school. Kathleen wants to focus on social justice issues that she is truly passionate about and use the leadership skills she will gain from the WE Leadership program to create and carry out action plans.

Madison Mancini

Meet Madison Mancini, from Ottawa, Ontario. Madison is in the Recreation and Leisure Services program, and chose that program to be able to work with charities and foundations and create events that raise money to help sick kids and people with mental disabilities. Madison chose Canadore because she found that the Recreation and Leisure Services program at Canadore was much more diverse and different than other similar programs at other colleges. In her free time, Madison enjoys running and training, as well as creating music. Madison applied to the WE Leadership program to be able to start making a bigger impact in any way possible. She is inspired by the WE movement and can’t wait to be a part of it. Madison hopes to leave the program with better knowledge in how to create action plans and set them into place to start bettering her community.

Mark Reed

Meet Mark Reed, from London, Ontario. Mark is studying Practical Nursing and chose that program because he wanted to expand on his social service experience with a combination of the two. Mark chose Canadore because he wanted to leave the big city and be closer to nature. In his free-time, Mark loves to hike, snowboard, and do yoga and meditation. Mark applied for the WE Leadership program the first time he read about Free the Children, and wants to help create change. Mike hopes the WE Leadership program allows him to assist building a platform for future generations to come, and leave a legacy of change.

Nick Chaisson

Meet Nick Chaisson, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nick is in his second year of the Mechanical Engineering Technician program, and chose that program because he wants to become a Blacksmith. Nick chose Canadore because of how North Bay was the perfect fit for his wife and two children. In his free time, Nick enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with family and friends. Nick applied for the WE Leadership program so that he could improve his leadership skills, and make a positive change in the world.

Olivia Doucette

Meet Olivia Doucette, from North Bay, Ontario. Olivia is currently enrolled in the Social Service Worker program, and chose that program because she wants to help people. Olivia chose Canadore because she knows we have one of the best programs for social work in Ontario and she gets to still be close to her family and friends. In her free time, Olivia enjoys going on hikes with her dogs, dancing, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family. Olivia applied to the WE Leadership program because she was a part of the Free The Children / MeToWe program in her high school and really enjoyed it. Olivia hopes to build a foundation for future students and people at Canadore, and accomplish making a difference within her community by taking action.

Robin Chokomolin

Meet Robin Chokomolin, from Wahgoshig First Nation. Robin is currently studying Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention, and picked that program to become educated in healing methods and to help others find their way to a bright future. Robin chose Canadore because the Indigenous Wellness course is unlike any in the area. Robin is a single mother, and spends her free time baking with her son or having movie nights. Robin applied to the WE Leadership program because she wanted to better her leadership skills, and really make a difference at our college and in our community. Robin hopes to use the WE Leadership experience to impact the community with the WETRI group she helped put together – focusing on eliminating stigma against people who struggle with mental health and addictions.

Ryan Mason

Meet Ryan Mason, from Ottawa, Ontario. Ryan is currently enrolled in Public Relations, and chose that program because he enjoys the dynamic and challenging work environment. Ryan chose Canadore because of its reputation and the beautiful location. In his free time, he enjoys cooking. Ryan chose to get involved with WE Leadership program because it was an exciting opportunity to run the program in a college for the first time. With the WE Leadership program, Ryan would love to be able to give back to the community in a sustainable and positive way.

Shawn Jones

Meet Shawn Jones Jr., from Windsor, Ontario. Shawn is studying Aviation Fundamentals, and chose that program to be able to broaden his understanding and love for the field of Aviation. Shawn decided to enrol at Canadore because of the amazing facility and the friendly staff. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys participating in many different events and committees, reading, playing sports, working out, and playing video games. Shawn applied to the WE Leadership program in hopes of expanding his knowledge, improving on his leadership skills, and making new friends. Shawn hopes to use his experience with the WE Leadership program to learn all types of leadership styles and combine them into what he does for a better way of making positive change.

Sylvie Beaulne

Meet Sylvie Beaulne, from North Bay, Ontario. Sylvie is enrolled in the Mental Health and Addiction Worker program. Sylvie chose that program because mental health and addictions impacts everyone in some way, and is a subject very close to her heart. Sylvie chose Canadore because it’s located in her hometown, and she can’t wait to be a part of the community support systems during her placement. During her free time, Sylvie enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and fishing, and spending time with her daughter. Sylvie applied for the WE Leadership program for an opportunity to grow as a person and better her leadership skills. Sylvie hopes to use the WE Leadership program as a chance to start a platform for more change and acceptance in the schools in her community.

Tessa Alyman

Trevor Beard

Meet Trevor Beard, from Porcupine, Ontario. Trevor is studying Advertising and Marketing Communications, and chose that program because of his mutual love for both business and the arts. Trevor chose Canadore because of the inclusivity of the school, the intimate learning experience and the one on one time with the professors. In his free time, Trevor enjoys spending time with his family and his partner, and likes exploring the world of photography. Trevor applied to the WE Leadership program because he is new to North Bay, and wanted to be a part of something that is going to generate a conversation and also impact the community positively. Joining the WE Leadership program, Trevor hopes to tackle different issues that are prevalent to North Bay as a community.

Josee Lefebvre

Meet Josée Lefebvre, from Astorville, Ontario. Josée is studying Dental Hygiene, and chose Canadore because it is located near her family and she heard great things about the program. In her free time, Josée plays music, draws, writes and plays sports. Josée applied for the WE Leadership program because she’s been involved with WE multiple times and really admires what the organization stands for. Josée hopes to use her time with the WE Leadership program to make an impact in her school as well as her community.

Shelly Boxall

Meet Shelly Boxall, from Powassan, Ontario. Shelly is a graduate from the Social Service Worker program and decided to study Mental Health and Addictions to learn more about mental health issues. Shelly picked Canadore because it is close to home, where she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends. Shelly applied for the WE Leadership program in hopes of learning more about social issues, and to be a part of something that helps create change. Shelly has high hopes of improving her leadership skills, and exploring opportunities that may stem from it.