Rapid COVID-19 Screening Pilot Program

Rapid Testing

Canadore College has been approved to conduct rapid COVID-19 screening of the Panbio
rapid antigen test sampling kits. Canadore has been selected as part of a pilot program through the
Ontario Ministry of Health and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. The pilot
program is being conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health and Public Health

“This is a chance for Canadore students to be a part of provincial research around COVID-19,” said
Canadore College President and CEO George Burton. “One key benefit of participating in the antigen
screening pilot is that it may help to identify an individual infected with COVID-19 in the college
community that regular screening protocols might otherwise miss because the person is asymptomatic.”

Participants in the province-wide pilot range from frontline workers, those in congregate settings,
selected businesses, as well as colleges or universities. The pilot project is an opportunity to learn the
value of antigen screening for asymptomatic people.

“This pilot study will not replace the current COVID-19 mitigation protocols already in place at
Canadore,” said Burton. “We will continue the mandatory symptom screening for anyone coming into a
campus building, as well as mask wearing and physical distancing while on campus.”

Antigen testing detects specific proteins from the virus. It will be used only for those wishing to participate, up to a maximum of 200 students and 50 employees. All volunteers must be asymptomatic, as the test is only meant to screen and identify people who may require further testing. Anyone receiving a positive result on the rapid screening test will be considered a preliminary positive and will require a laboratory test to confirm a COVID-19 infection. This is prioritized and will occur anywhere from 8 hours to 48 hours after a preliminary positive result. They will be required to self-isolate until additional results are available.

To participate in the Rapid COVID-19 Screening Pilot Program