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    • Pre-Apprenticeships
    • Indigenous Pre-Health Sciences Pathway
    • Indigenous Preparatory Studies
    • Indigenous Visual Storytelling
    • Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention
    • Health Care Administration – Indigenous
    • Community-led Programs
    • Indigenous Poverty Reduction Education Program
    • STEAM

  • Education Partners


Canadore College offers a variety of Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year. Check back frequently to see what we have coming up next!

Indigenous Pre-Health Sciences Pathway

Prepare for further college studies or your future career in the health sciences sector in our unique culture-based program.

Indigenous Preparatory Studies

This unique culture-based program will help you find direction while learning the vital skills to make an informed decision about your college education or future career.

Indigenous Visual Storytelling

Explore careers in media, design and the arts with a focus on Indigenous culture and history in this one-year program.

Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention

Training ranges from pharmacology to traditional methods including Sacred Circles, Teaching/Learning Circles, and the use of the four sacred medicines – tobacco, cedar, sage and sweet grass.

Health Care Administration – Indigenous

This program is designed to support Indigenous communities by preparing future health practitioners to increase their capacity to deliver services, coordinate programs and promote the health of the community.

Community-led Programs

Canadore tailors training and postsecondary education programs to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Education Partners

We will post the logos / links to our educational partners - NEED CONTENT