School of Health, Human Care and Wellness

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

4 years Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Learn nursing theory and practice, including eight clinical practicums


This integrated, collaborative nursing program leads to a BScN awarded by Canadore's partnering institution, Nipissing University. This training will prepare you to meet the present and future needs of health care. Graduates will be eligible to write the nurse registration examination, and upon successful completion, can apply for registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario and will be able to practise as beginning professionals in a variety of clinical settings. This program offers students an innovative way of learning that incorporates the best of both college and university learning experiences. 

Note: Students must apply to Nipissing University through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre ( Inquiries may also be directed to the Nipissing University Admissions Office at 705.474.3450 ext. 4761,

Your Future Career

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Public health
  • Home nursing

What You Learn

  • Nursing theory and practice
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Nursing informatics
  • Microbiology, molecular and cell biology
  • Nursing in specialized settings
  • Pharmacology
  • Developmental psychology

OSSD with six (6) 4U/4M credits including English, Biology and Chemistry

A minimum 70% average is required. 

Academic Upgrading

Semester 1

NS 1006 Professional Self-Awareness
NS 1016 Nursing and Health
NS 1026 Clinical - Nursing Healthy Individuals
BIOL 1011 Intro: Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL 2706 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Semester 2

NS 1017 Aging and Health
NS 1027 Clinical - Nursing Older Adults
NS 1037 Health Assessment
BIOL 2707 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
SOCI 2026E Introduction to Social Gerontology

Semester 3

NS 2016 Health Challenges
NS 2017 Nursing Across the Life Span
NS 2027 Clinical - Nursing in Specialized Settings
NS 2037 Pharmacology
NURS 2526 Pathophysiology
PSYC 1036E Applied Development Psychology
NS 2026 or NS 2007 Clinical - Nursing in the Acute Care Setting or Therapeutic Relations

Semester 4

NS 2047 Professional Foundations in Nursing
NURS 2526E Pathophysiology
BIOL 2116E Principles of Microbiology

Semester 5

NS 3026 or NC 3007 Clinical - Family Nursing in Diverse Settings or Community Health Nursing
NS 3006 Nursing Theories
NS 3016 Family Nursing
NS 3007 Community Health Nursing
NS 3027 Clinical - Nursing Communities and Populations
MATH 1257E Technical Statistics
SOCI 3186E Health and the Family

Semester 6

NS 3036 Transcultural Nursing

Semester 7

NURS 4006E Nursing Informatics
NURS 4016E Research in Nursing and Health
NURS 4026E Clinical - Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 4036E Complex Health Challenges

Semester 8

NURS 7007E Leadership and Management in Nursing
NURS 4017E Current Issues in Nursing
NURS 4027E Clinical - Preceptorship
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Pathway to Canadore College Programs

  • Environmental Management – 1 year to complete
  • Recreation and Leisure Services – 1 year to complete
  • Recreation Therapy – 1 year to complete
  • Strength and Sport Conditioning – 1 year to complete

Looking to continue your studies with another post-secondary institution in Ontario?

Looking to continue your studies with another post-secondary institution in Canada?

Looking to continue your studies with another post-secondary institution Internationally?

Please contact the Pathways Officer if you have additional questions regarding the credit transfer process:

Micheline Demers – Pathways Officer
705.474.7600 ext 5139