School of Aviation Technology

Commercial Fixed Wing Pilot

2 years Certificate

Receive winter survival training


This two-year program, delivered in partnership with Essential Helicopters, will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become a Commercial Fixed Wing Pilot. Learn in the classroom and through hands-on practical labs and flight training, and develop the required skills to complete the Transport Canada Commercial Pilot Licence written examination and practical flight test.

Skilled pilots with a strong background in practical knowledge are in demand. This program was designed in consultation with industry leaders in the aviation industry. The specified training will provide you with a solid foundation in aviation practices, allowing you to obtain work in a variety of positions in the aviation industry. Our graduates find employment in Canada and across the globe.

Your Future Career

  • Commercial pilot
  • Charter pilot
  • Bush pilot
  • Air ambulance pilot

What You Learn

  • Flight training to Transport Canada requirements
  • Ground School to Transport Canada requirements
  • Navigation and meteorology
  • Airframes, engines and systems
  • Basic maintenance
  • Underwater egress
  • Winter survival
  • Chainsaw safety

Note: Graduates will receive a Transport Canada Commercial Fixed Wing Licence with a Night Rating, Multi Engine and IFR Rating. The option to complete a Float Rating and or an Instructor Rating is available on course completion. Graduates will also receive a Canadore College Professional Pilot Preparedness Certificate and numerous industry recognized operational certificates.

Minimum intake required to run the program.

Essential Helicopters holds the right to cancel this program at any time.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older at completition of course, Recommended courses include: Physics, English, Math and Geography

Academic Upgrading

Commercial Pilot Licence with Night, Multi and IFR ratings. In addition, First Aid Certification, Winter Survival Certification, Underwater Egress Certification and Human Factors.

Students also receive basic aircraft maintenance and will have other opportunities for further certification.

Students have the opportunity to obtain additional training such as Float Training and Instructor Rating after course completed.