Skills Apprenticeship

Information Technology Technician Apprenticeship

1.5 years Certificate

Learn to support clients in the use of computer applications and operating systems, install hardware, software, and network components, and troubleshoots information systems.


Complete the theory portion of this program entirely online combined with hands on training that is completed on the job. There are 11 online courses totalling 360 hours. Courses are taken over a one and a half year time frame with approximately six hours of theory learning per week.

Must be a signed apprentice with the Ontario College of Trades to be eligible to take this program.

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Your Future Career

Information technology and network support for:

  • IT firms
  • Public corporations
  • Private corporations

What You Learn

  • Operating systems
  • Microcomputer applications
  • Basic electrical and electronics
  • Desktop and mobile platforms
  • Basic network systems

You must be a signed apprentice with the Ontario College of Trades to be eligible.

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Academic Upgrading

ITT112 Introduction to Microcomputers - Level 1
ITT114 Microcomputer Applications - Level 1
ITT124 Health and Safety Practices - Level 1
ITT128 Customer Service and Professionalism - Level 1
ITT116 Operating Systems - Level 1
ITT118 Basic Electrical/Electronics - Level 1
ITT120 Desktop Platforms - Level 1
ITT121 Mobile Platforms - Level 1
ITT122 Basic Network Systems - Level 1
ITT126 Documentation - Level 1
ITT130 Troubleshooting - Level 1