Microcredentials at Canadore College


In the same way that industries continue to evolve, so too must the education and training needed to participate in and contribute to those industries. As a leader in industry training and lifelong learning, Canadore College continues to develop innovative, flexible and competitive education that meets the needs of its diverse population of learners and its local, regional, and global partners.

The development of microcredentials allows Canadore to ensure its students have access to accelerated, convenient, and competency-based learning opportunities that reflect employment market needs. By engaging with community, business, and industry, Canada will create a unique student experience that is both cost effective and competitive. Working with employers allows us to contribute to the development of industry-requested skills that reflect the specific needs of that industry.

Creating shorter, cost-effective training results in applicants who are qualified and recognizable to businesses across all industries looking to hire. Ministry direction suggests there is an immediate need for the delivery of microcredentials, a form of education perfectly suited to address the current and future economy.

What is a Microcredential?

Microcredentials are succinct, value-added online, face-to-face, or blended modules and courses that can be self-paced or follow a more traditional instructor-led approach. Upon completion of a microcredential, learners will have demonstrated proficiency of discrete skills and knowledge often validated by industry experts. Where applicable, microcredentials can be applied to laddering and pathway opportunities for other credentials like courses and programs.

Implementation of Microcredentials

The implementation of microcredentials at Canadore will begin with the development of our framework for delivery and an examination of our existing content. Once complete, consultations with industry to identify skills and knowledge gaps will assist in the development and delivery of new content. Canadore will offer the following credentials:

  1. Badge
  2. Certificate of Training
  3. Canadore College Certificate

Next Steps

Developing the implementation strategy for offering microcredentials, which includes:

  • Reaching out to Program Advisory Committees (PACs) and industry in the region to determine their needs. The plan is to offer microcredential opportunities through Canadore’s Center of Access, Interdisciplinary Studies and Lifelong Learning, which has established processes in place to rapidly respond to changing industry needs.
  • Determining how best to engage students so they can recognize microcredentials are essential to their job search upon graduation.
  • Determining the best issuing platform to use in order to acknowledge the completion of the credential(s).

For More Information

Please contact:

Continuing Education and Corporate Training
705.474.7600 ext. 5601