Digital Photography Part 2

14 weeks Course


As in Part 1 we will spend a lot of time in the field, enjoying the autumn colours, practicing skills learned and returning to edit and see the results. We will review Lightroom Classic and learn new techniques to take you further in your quest to become a more confident photographer. 

 The instructor expects an understanding of how to operate the controls on your camera with a basic understanding of aperture (F stops), and shutter speed as learned in Part 1. You should be more comfortable handling your camera. Familiarity with some editing software is advised.

 We will spend time discussing the uses, pros and cons of various pieces of gear, what you may need and what you may not.

 We will review and practice in more detail  (depth of field, compositional options, panoramas, HDR) in a variety of modules. After work in the field we will return to Canadore and work in Lightroom Classic with a touch of Photoshop

You may enroll in a Continuing Education course at Canadore College if you are 19 years of age or older or if you have earned an Ontario Secondary School Diploma/Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma or equivalent.

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