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Motorcycle Rider Training - M1-Exit Course (M1 to M2)

Come to Canadore College to experience the fun and freedom of motorcycling by taking the Canada Safety Council GEARING UP course – Canada’s only national motorcycle training program. Training includes a short classroom session on defensive riding strategies and risk awareness skills followed by two full-days of rider skills training/practice. Students will start by learning basic skills such as how to properly start, balance and control a motorcycle at slow speeds. As confidence increases, students will learn how to the use the brakes, clutch and transmission, how to avoid collisions through correct application of emergency braking, as well as corner negotiating and counter steering techniques. Students must complete a skills evaluation component at the end of the course to obtain the M2 license. Canadore College provides an excellent off-road paved area and provides the motorcycles (maximum 250cc) for your M1-Exit training.

Applicants must:
• Be 16 years of age or older;
• Possess, and have available, a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation Class M1 Permit
• Provide and wear full riding gear including a DOT-approved helmet.

Most college level courses require textbooks; textbooks are not included in the course fees. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase any required textbooks.

Textbooks are available at the Campus Shop for in class, Contact North, and iLearn/D2L courses. The Campus Shop does not carry most OntarioLearn textbooks. OntarioLearn textbooks can be purchased at

Students may also purchase textbooks from a source of their choice, but the ISBN must match.

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