Panther Kilometer Club

Our Outdoor Activity Club welcomes all students to participate in outdoor activities on and off campus. NEW this year: scheduled meetups will be hosted on the campus trail system for guided hikes and snowshoeing. Connect with your fellow outdoor activists and track your kilometres travelled so we can see how far we can travel together!  



  1. Download the free “Strava” app from mobile app store or visit 
  2. Create a FREE account by using your email address OR log in through your Facebook account.  
  3. Your profile photo MUST be of the Panther logo to be admitted to the club (use this image!)
  4. On the mobile app, go to the explore page from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Select “Clubs” from the top menu and search “Panther Kilometre Club” and request to join.  

    *Must be a registered full-time student to be eligible for prizes, student ID must be presented prior to meet-ups.  

    Recording Activity

    1. Once you’ve been added to the club, start recording your activity! Gear up for your activity, head outside, open your Strava app, and select “record” from the bottom menu. 
    2. Select which activity you are recording from the centre icon above the “Start” button. 
    3. Once you’ve selected your activity, hit “Start” and away you go!  
    4. At the end of your journey, hit the stop button, and then hit “Finish”. If you would like to continue, hit “Resume”.  
    5. Title your activity, add a photo, and add a description to tell us how it went! 
    6. Hit “Save Activity” to complete your activity recording! Check out other group member’s posts and give “Kudos” or words of encouragement by leaving a supportive comment.