Getting a Job

Canadore College offers over 75 industry-driven postsecondary and apprenticeship programs, all of which are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the new economy. Your quality education makes you highly employable in the industry of your choice.

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The Premier's Awards

Honouring the important social and economic contribution that college graduates make in Canada and the world.

2016 Recipient – Kelly Crawford, Community Services

Canadore Graduate

"Canadore has a fantastic reputation in the culinary and food/beverage division. When i go through resumes, if I see Canadore it's an instant phone call"

Dana Hauser, Executive Chef
The Fairmont in Vancouver, BS

I Am Canadore

"I really wanted to learn from those that have the same fundamental values that I do. It provided the foundation for a great career."

Jason Corbett, School of Business Graduate
Director of Development and Community Relations, One Kids Place