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PhotoVOICE – How are you affected by COVID-19

PhotoVOICE is an opportunity for participants to express themselves and to be heard in a powerful, universal and visual way. The use of photography eliminates the limitations of language, ethnicity or education. Participants are self-directed, supported and encouraged by the facilitators. 

The photographs and accompanying narratives are used as messages to reach those that can help make change. 

We are looking for older adults, 55 years of age and older to join this group. This is an 8-week initiative and done remotely through conference calls. The group will share photographs weekly on the topic of the pandemic and how it is affecting each participant personally. No camera experience necessary. If you have access to the internet, we can support you being involved and provide all the training and support.


For questions or to participate, please call Micheline McWhirter at 705.474.7600 ext. 7989 or email Kelsey Lecappelain at If you represent an organization that wants to partner with us, please contact us!