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Campus Biodiversity Network


Post-secondary institutions provide an opportunity to support and celebrate greenspace on campus. While many campuses fall within urban environments, our College Drive Campus is situated on 650-acres of forested land and overlooks the welcoming City of North Bay. In fact, our Education Center Trails are part of Discovery Routes.

This presents a great opportunity to connect with nature and the biodiversity throughout the property and trail system.


Canadore has become the first Ontario College to join the Campus Biodiversity Network.

The network was founded in Montreal, Quebec with the intent to create an international network of colleges and universities working to monitor and protect biodiversity on their campuses. These observations are made using a digital data-collection tool called iNaturalist.

As listed on their website, their goals include:

  • To build a community through a shared commitment to documenting and protecting campus wildlife and plants.
  • Promote awareness and conservation of local biodiversity.
  • Empower community members to contribute to sustainability efforts through small, daily actions, while fostering well-being through nature immersion
  • Create biodiversity profiles that can be accessed and shared with ease.
  • Contribute to international research on biodiversity.

Canadore College x Campus Biodiversity Network

Organizational Development and Talent Management (ODTM) and Sustainable Canadore have collaborated to implement “Biodiversity Walks” in Fall 2023 as an opportunity to promote well-being through exercise while gaining a better appreciation for the biodiversity that surrounds our College Drive Campus.

In addition to students, employees, and partners, we aim to integrate the community to help us achieve the targets listed below.

  1. Identify 1000 species within one calendar year from the launch date (September 22, 2023). Note: At the time of launch, there were already 350 species identified. The goal will be reached when 1350 unique identifications are made.
  2. Have 1000 unique users make observations within 1000 days.

Looking to get involved? Download the iNaturalist app and visit our campus to start making observations!

See our observations here

Sustainable Development Goals

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