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The following are upcoming events, details will be communicated closer to the dates. Stay tuned!

Creating Inclusive Spaces

October 26, 2023

In partnership with CultureAlly. CultureAlly is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) company specializing in impactful and engaging DEI trainings to build more inclusive environments.

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Light It up! For NDEAM

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Light It Up! For NDEAM is a one-night, national coordinated special lighting event in recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM); and the many ways people who have a disability contribute to businesses and communities across Canada, and help companies be successful and competitive. It has fast become a movement that ignites conversation about disability inclusion in employment, in business and in our communities.

And you can watch and share this Light It Up! For NDEAM highlights video to start conversations and generating excitement in your community, now! 

Light It Up! For NDEAM 2023 - Ontario Disability Employment Network

ENGAGE TALENT ! 2023 Campaign

Sustainable Happiness Certificate Course

The Sustainable Happiness Certificate Course is a program hosted by Dawson College. Participants in the program are introduced to the concept of sustainable happiness and explore its implications, both personally and professionally. This is an experiential and applied certificate. Key topics include sustainability, connecting with nature, positive psychology, well-being, happiness, and healthy/sustainable lifestyles.

Duration: 20 hours

Intersectional Environmentalism

Random Acts of Green Presents: Intersectional Environmentalism 101

This webinar invites attendees for an introductory presentation about the intersections between race, culture, and the environment, including LGBTQ2+, Eco-Ableism, Environmental Racism, Indigenous Communities, Asian Communities and Socio-Economic barriers within the context of the contemporary western environmental movement.

The event is intended to educate and raise awareness about the need for a diverse and inclusive approach to climate action to ensure that all voices are welcomed, honored, and involved in the call for more sustainable lifestyles.

Duration: 1 hour

Cultural Mindfulness with George Couchie

The first step toward understanding other people is learning about their past. Using The Learning Circle, George Couchie takes us through some of his Indigenous culture and history, educating us about the impacts of residential schools. He discusses ways to ask questions and receive answers about Indigenous culture in a respectful way.

Duration: 3 hours

How to Be an Ally

Develop allyship in the workplace by equipping employees with the knowledge and skills they need to become good allies to their colleagues. The How to Be an Ally Module teaches learners to:

  • Define allyship and core concepts related to being an ally
  • Recognize allyship accountabilities
  • Learn how to practice allyship in the workplace

Duration: 3 hours

Anti-Racism Microcredential

This microcredential course in an introduction to the topic of anti-racism. Students will learn the concepts of racism and anti-racism at the individual, interpersonal and systemic level and use reflection to become aware of personal biases, privileges, experiences, social positions, and identities. This course also provides strategies for learners to act by disrupting racism and taking the steps necessary toward becoming an ally.

Duration: 10 hours