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Making a Positive Difference

Over the past year, Canadore College has been actively making a difference in the lives of our students, staff and faculty. 

Alumni/Hall of Fame Story

Canadore College celebrated strong connections, shared history and traditions of its alumni at its annual Alumni Golf Tournament and Hall of Fame dinner. “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, the significance of this event is considerable,” said Canadore College president and CEO, George Burton. “The college years can take on different meanings for different people, but we all create lifelong connections during this time.”

Canadore Alumni Benefits

There are many reasons to keep in touch with your Alumni Office.

Coffee break - on us!

If your workplace hires Canadore Grads, let us know! We'll pop by for a coffee-break-visit and share the awesome benefits of being an Alumni. It's a great opportunity to get to know our friendly staff and connect with like-minded professionals in your community. 

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