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Outbound Student Mobility


Canadore’s International Department delivers a full suite of programming for domestic students to study abroad, including the provision of study abroad scholarships. Canadore domestic students gaining international experiences will help build their expertise, experience and global competencies.

Existing partnerships and options for students to consider travel abroad may be considered in the context of any of these myriad partnerships that presently exist between Canadore College and the partner institution abroad.

  • Semester Exchange
  • Summer Academic Programs
  • Faculty-Led Study/Cultural Tours
  • International Transfer Pathways
  • International Work Experience
  • Inbound Opportunities

Benefits for Canadore Students

Benefits of outbound student mobility for Canadore College domestic student learners includes:

  • Developing cultural awareness and understanding
  • Building global networks
  • Learning a new language
  • Reflecting on personal values and beliefs
  • Developing internationally transferrable skills
  • Academic recognition: receive a Canadore College Global Experience Certificate (GEC) as an additional notation captured on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Application Process

Domestic Canadore students who wish to participate in outbound mobility programs may signal their interest via the following simple form.

You are also welcome to signal particular interest in outbound mobility with any of Canadore’s partner institutions listed here; Canadore College’s International Department will endeavor to make this a reality for Canadore student learners in coordination with the institution in question.


All Canadore College domestic student learners accepted for outbound student mobility are, generally speaking, fully reimbursed for their travel expenses. Canadore College gratefully acknowledges support from the Government of Canada, through it’s Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) program for this purpose.

To be considered as an eligible applicant, students must meet the following requirements and be familiar with the important terms and conditions.

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada
  • Enrolled in andiploma program at the Canadore College
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Has a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 70% at the time of application
  • NOTE: If student's GPA falls between 67-69%, a letter of support from Dean or the appropriate designate required
  • Is not on Academic Probation at the Canadore College
  • Is participating in an international exchange, faculty-led study tour, practicum, fieldwork placement, internship/co-op related to academic discipline, or faculty approved research abroad, which is recognized on student's academic record
  • Students may receive Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) scholarship only once in their academic careers as an Diploma student at the Canadore College
  • Successful recipients of Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) scholarship are not eligible to apply for other funding from a program that provides a specific allotment dedicated to travel expenses (i.e., Mitacs, Global Education Scholarship, etc.)
  • Must attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Session prior to the scheduled departure or scheduled virtual program start date

Must complete a pre-departure form and post-experience report through Universities Canada's online portal

Selection Process

Applicants to the Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) Program will be adjudicated by Canadore College International. Evaluation and selection of the GSO scholarship will be based on:

  • Fulfilment of eligibility criteria, as outlined above
  • Needs- and character-based selection rather than academic standing (i.e., priority will be given to students who demonstrate that they require fiancial support in order to participate in international mobility, and present a high desire to pursue global experience)
  • Suitability of the proposed exchange (i.e., alliance with student's academic objectives and course requirements)
  • Commitment to using the opportunity to gain global competencies and advance your academic and professional goals (as expressed in the application package and during the pre-placement interview)


All questions related to outbound student mobility at Canadore College may be directed to: