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Canadore’s International Department is the college hub for all things international.

The department addresses the needs of both international student learners, as well as assisting Canadore domestic students and faculty with their international collaborations and projects. It also meets the needs of international agent partners and is the main coordinating unit for international academic partnerships.

Canadore’s international story is that of a college that has significantly expanded its breadth of international engagement over the past several years. International student enrolments increased from under 250 learners in 2017 to over 750 in 2021. Similarly, the breadth and range of our international engagements has broadened in scope with academic partnerships to over thirty institutions in several regions of the world.

Within these pages, we hope you will find information that serves to meet your needs, whether you are a current or prospective international student, current Canadore academic faculty, institutional/academic collaborator, or agent partner.

We are here to assist and look forward to collaborating with you. You may reach us in-person at the International Department offices on the main floor of the College Drive campus, or via remote communication (including virtual appointment bookings, email and phone contact).

Thank you for visiting; we look forward to hearing from you.

Canadore International

Stay, Work and Succeed in Canada

Canadore International/Domestic Student Twinning Program

The Canadore International/Domestic Student Twinning Program (hereafter, the ‘Twinning Program’ seeks to provide a space for international and domestic students to meet, connect and learn from each other. The program’s key goals and objectives are to:

  1. Allow international students to feel welcomed and integrated into the North Bay and Parry Sound local communities by developing long-lasting friendships and connections with their domestic peers, and
  2. To provide domestic students a structured and conducive space outside the classroom for the reciprocal learning of diverse international cultures, languages, cuisines and worldviews.