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Emergency Procedures

If you discover a fire in residence

Upon the discovery of a fire in residence, leave the area immediately, closing all doors behind you. Alert all nearby occupants, yell “FIRE”, and use the closest manual pull station to activate the fire alarm system and call 911.

If you hear the fire alarm

  • Remain calm.
  • Shut off any cooking appliances that you are using if safe to do so.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Take your keys if readily available, and use the nearest safe exit to leave the building and proceed to the designated assembly area. Depending on duration and/or weather conditions, students may be directed by Residence staff to a designated safe area inside.
  • Before opening doors, feel the door/doorknob for heat. Open the door slightly to check for smoke. If you see smoke or feel heat, use an alternative exit if possible.
  • If you encounter smoke in a stairwell while exiting, exit that stairwell where it is safe to do so, and use an alternative exit.
  • If you cannot exit safely, return to a safe area – do not attempt to access the roof. Smoke rises and the roof access doors are locked.
  • If you cannot leave your suite, or have returned to it due to fire/heavy smoke, remain in the suite, close the door (leave it unlocked for fire services to enter) and call 911.
  • Seal all cracks where smoke can enter by using wet towel or sheets if possible.
  • Keep low to the floor if smoke enters the room, and open your windows if it is safe to do so without smoke entering into the room.
  • Residents will not be permitted to re-enter the building until the fire department officials declare the building safe.

Avoiding Fire Hazards

  • Canadore Residence is a non-smoking building. Smoking is permitted outside Residence in designated areas. Please avoid careless smoking and disposal of cigarette butts and ashes when smoking outdoors.
  • Never dispose of flammable liquids or aerosol cans into the garbage chute/containers.
  • Never force cartons, coat hangers, bundles of paper or oversized garbage into the garbage chute because they may become blocked, creating a hazard.
  • Avoid unsafe cooking practices: deep frying, too much heat, unattended stoves and loosely hanging sleeves. Hot plates and similar items are prohibited as they are potential fire hazards.
  • Never use unsafe electrical appliances, frayed extension cords, or over-loaded outlets. Use CSA approved electrical appliances; labels are normally present on the appliances to verify this.
  • Carefully monitor cooking equipment.
  • Never leave anything that may burn or cause a tripping hazard in the corridor, exits (inside and outside) and stairways.
  • Always clean out laundry dryer lint collector before and after use.
  • Turn off and unplug all appliances that are not in use, e.g. coffee machines, irons, toasters
  • Ensure proper disposal of flammable materials, e.g. batteries, aerosols, electronic equipment

Emergency Procedures for Special Needs Persons

The Canadore College Student Residence is responsible for the safety of the occupants in their premises under their control. Procedures shall be put in place on a case-by-case basis to provide safe evacuation of persons requiring assistance to exit a building during a fire emergency.

  • Occupants with special needs may be placed in a barrier-free room, and will meet with a manager to discuss and review the emergency procedures and determine an evacuation plan.
  • During an emergency, residence staff will activate the emergency procedure for these individuals.

Emergency Lockdown of Residence

In the case of a lockdown on campus, Canadore Security will make an announcement throughout the campus. In the case of a residence-specific lockdown, an announcement will be made by residence staff.

  • Students are advised to stay in their suites, remaining quiet and away from windows and doors.
  • If safe to do so, turn off all lights, and engage the deadbolt on the suite door.
  • Students should ensure that cell phones are silenced and on for emergency contact to be made if necessary.
  • If outside, students will be directed to the designated external locations by Emergency personnel.
  • Note that lockdown can take a considerable amount of time. It is important to wait and remain silent.
  • Do not evacuate if a fire alarm sounds unless identifiable Emergency personnel make the announcement to do so.
  • Do not open the door under any circumstances. All Emergency personnel will be able to access where needed, and will not ask for someone to open the door.
  • An announcement will be given to indicate the end of lockdown. Emergency Personnel, Security, and/or Residence staff will conduct a door-to-door confirmation of this announcement.