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Facility and Equipment


Housed at Canadore’s Commerce Court Trades and Technology Campus, ICAMP consists of 13,300 sq. ft. of industrial laboratory space  and design space. Functioning as both a technology showcase and working laboratory, the Centre houses various multi-use facilities supporting training and demonstrations as well as secure working space for proprietary product development.

Focused primarily on prototyping and new technology introduction, ICAMP is directly accessible to businesses. To serve the needs of our clients, our services and research activities operate independently of the academic schedule and are available year-round.

Our facilities include a 14-seat boardroom and a multi-purpose room, a 12-seat 3D theatre for design visualization, and multiple rooms for design, testing, and prototype manufacturing.


Our equipment list grows regularly. Currently, the ICAMP facility hosts the following:

  • Additive Manufacturing

    3D printing in a variety of metals and plastics using EOS and Stratasys and Markforged equipment and continuous fiber composite printer.

  • Precision 3D Scanning

    Using high resolution scanning equipment from Creaform equipment update 2020

  • Design and Simulation Software

    Including 3DS Solidworks, SolidThinking Inspire, Geomagics, and VX Elements

  • Robotics

    Collaborative robotics including Baxter and YuMi models

  • Design Visualization

    3D Design visualization facilities included a 3D theatre and augmented reality devices

  • Microscopy

    Scanning electron microscope with electron dispersive x-ray analysis capability, and multiple optical microscopes*

  • Destructive Material Testing*

    Tensile, compressive, and fatigue testing, impact testing, hardness testing

  • Non-Destructive Material Testing*

    Magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic testing, chemical analysis

*Capabilities provided through partners and associate facilities.