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2022 Agenda


TED Talk 1
9:30 AM – 9:50 AM

Indigenous Knowledges - A Fleeting Tool that can Inform Positive Health Outcome Strategies

Speaker: Mr. Joseph Pitawanakwat

Following an insatiable drive to positively impact human and environmental health, Joe started gathering, teaching and practising medicines in hundreds of communities. He realized medicines alone are not the sole suppliers of healing. Joe was forced to consider other cultural components; Fasting, Sweating and Exercise were obvious, but through his extensive experience, it was evident that the most powerful healer is a culturally/biologically appropriate nutritional protocol. Let us learn how to eat like our ancestors.


TED Talk 2
10:30 AM – 10:50 AM

Convergence of Divergence – Decoding the Mysteries of the Human Genome

Speaker: Dr. Naveed Aziz

While we have observed many scientific disciplines like biology and chemistry specialize into more divergent and defined fields, the convergence of technologies, thoughts and ideas stemming from these fields have evolved to create solutions for some of the world’s most complex problems. The field of genomics, for example, has advanced to play a pivotal role in the continual pursuit of improving and supporting human health and wellbeing. Converging specialties have allowed us to generate genomic “big data” that is advancing our understanding of not only human life on earth but also that of animals, plants, microbes and even our ecosystem. Dr. Naveed Aziz, Chief Executive Officer of CGen, Canada’s national facility for genome sequencing and analysis, will discuss what influenced the evolution of genomics and genomic big data, how they are affecting our lives and the challenges we face as their power and promise is realized.

TED Talk 3:
Talent: The Glue that Binds the Supply Chain

11:30 AM – 11:50 AM

Speaker: Mr. Rocco Rossi

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed and amplified weaknesses in Canada’s supply chain. Without immediate efforts to modernize infrastructure and streamline operations, the stability and reliability of the entire supply chain system will remain vulnerable to labour shortages, climate change, and other risks. However, this modernization is impossible if the government does not implement workforce development strategies to secure the talent needed to improve supply chain resilience. Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, will discuss what is required to save a bending supply chain from breaking.


Doors Open: 30 Minutes prior to the Scheduled TED Talk

Doors Close: 15 Minutes prior to the Scheduled TED Talk



G-Wing Theatre | Canadore College Drive Campus
100 College Drive, North Bay, ON P1B 8K9

Parking is Free in Lot #9

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