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What is TEDxCanadoreCollege?


A Catalyst for Spreading Ideas Worth Doing


TEDxCanadoreCollege is a dynamic platform that brings together a diverse community of doers, thinkers, innovators, creatives, explorers, visionaries, teachers, and learners. Our mission is to enlighten, inspire, and motivate these individuals, broadening their horizons, challenging their perceptions, encouraging action, and fostering meaningful connections.

As a non-profit organizing committee, TEDxCanadoreCollege is dedicated to spreading profound ideas and uplifting the spirited community of North Bay and the Nipissing Region. TEDxCanadoreCollege is driven by the curiosity of individuals within the Canadore community. It features live speakers who ignite deep conversations and connections. These speakers come from diverse sectors, and each one delivers the talk of their life, centered around the transformative power of ideas.

Our TEDxCanadoreCollege community is a diverse tapestry, consisting of people from various ethnic and social backgrounds. Our organizers, fellows, team members, and speakers come together to create a massive amalgamation of bright ideas and thoughts. We work closely with our speakers, providing them with support and partnership to help nurture their work.

We bring together a diverse group of thought leaders and innovators who educate, inspire, and drive change. Our goal is to spark meaningful discussions and take action that positively impacts communities. We are passionate about the transformative power of ideas and their ability to reshape attitudes, lives, and the world. To achieve this, we are building a knowledge repository that provides free wisdom and inspiration from the world's most visionary thinkers, creating a community of curious minds eager to engage with ideas and each other.

The success of TEDxCanadoreCollege is due to the tireless work and dedication of the broader community. From our inspiring attendees, to the unwavering commitment of our large and devoted team, as well as deep involvement from partners and sponsors, and the generous contributions of brilliant innovators from across Canada, we all share the mission of spreading "Ideas Worth Spreading."