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What is the iCent App?

Canadore College and iCent have developed an app to assist students in preparing for life studying overseas and to help navigate their new environment. 

The iCent App has many useful features, such as:

  • COVID-19 information and updates
  • Orientation and welcome information
  • FAQs
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Financial aid information
  • Student supports
  • Health plan information
  • And much more!

Download the iCent App

Get the iCent App on the Google Play Store Button
Get the iCent App on the iOS App Store

The app is mandatory for all international students - be sure to download it before you plan your start at Canadore College. Important messaging and information will be sent directly to you via this app.

This app is designed to work as a checklist to follow and "Mark as Done", as well as icons with helpful links that will make sure you don't miss anything critical before your studies with us. Please make sure to turn notifications for this app on, so you receive our important updates.

Follow these steps to download the app:

  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app

  2. Enter Canada in the “Institution Country” field

  3. Enter Canadore College in the “Institution Name” field

  4. Use your email to register for the app, you will be sent an email with your PIN. Please remember to check your Junk Mail inbox

  5. Use your PIN to login the app 

Questions or trouble logging in?Contact:

Notes: If you cannot access the App version of iCent, you can access the iCent App Content via web browser as well!

Google Android in China: We are aware that there have been some download issues for iCent in mainland China. If you are in mainland China, download the app directly

View iCent app Login Steps

In order to facilitate the arrival of new and returning international students to Canadore College, iCent, specifically the Check-In application (“iCent”), is being used to is being used to collect your personal information in order to facilitate the student check-in process and provide awareness of Canadore College policies and services.

All personal information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with applicable privacy legislation. The personal information may include but is not necessarily limited to language test scores, visas, permits, and emergency contact information. Access to the information collected by iCent will be restricted to the Canadore College Student Services Department and may be shared with designated Registrar’s Office and International employees as appropriate. Information collected by iCent will be stored in both iCent and Canadore College servers for a period of 3 months at which point all information will be deleted from iCent. Information collected by iCent and stored in Canadore College servers will be stored in perpetuity as part of the student record.

I acknowledge that while the provision of personal information by way of the App is convenient, no electronic medium of disclosure is entirely secure, and I voluntarily assume the risk of potential disclosures associated with the use of the App and release Canadore College and its agents, contractors and employees from liability associated with any such disclosure.

For additional information on iCent’s privacy policy, please refer to their Privacy Policy

Download the iCent App today

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