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Meet our Recruitment and Liaison Team

Darryl Oliver

Hello, everyone! I’m one of Canadore’s liaison officers that you might just meet this year.

I think the most challenging part of being a student is knowing just which program you should take: but don’t sweat it! I took 3 different programs ended up with an English degree and Human Resources post-graduate certificate, which is a strange combination to be sure. Most importantly, the experience of going to school is everlasting: the friendships, the personal growth, all the way to graduation!  I loved the time I spent in school, and I think you will too.

After finishing school I spent time in a Headhunting role (recruiting for companies) for 4 years, then moved into working as a liaison officer, with time in Admissions as well.  I know that all of my prior positions have made me a better liaison officer to help you with your questions and interest as you turn your attention to the next step in your journey.  If you have any questions along the way, let me know and I’m glad to help!


Ric Potvin

Hi there!

I’m a Canadore graduate from the Broadcasting – Television and Video Production program.

I worked several years after college with CTV as an ENG news camera operator, News Editor, and Director. I returned to Canadore in 2000 to teach for a year and have been here ever since, the atmosphere, friendly environment and people made it an easy transition.

Over my twenty year employment with Canadore, I’ve taking on several roles, including Professor, Technologist, and now Liaison Officer. I look forward to discussing your college options with you and once you become a part of the Canadore family, look forward to helping you while you train for your career path.


Natalya Newman

Hello! I have had the pleasure of working as a Liaison officer over the last 4 years and have enjoyed being able to make the transition into college easier.

As someone who transitioned from Science into Business after my first year of college, I personally understand that deciding on which college and programs to choose can be challenging. I am here to help you with those decisions by answering any questions you may have. Not only is it important to choose a college based on the programs they provide, but it is also important to consider what the college itself, and the city it is in provides as well. We all know the importance of a work and life balance. I am originally from southern Ontario and have fallen in love with what Northern Ontario has to offer, from education and work opportunities - to lifestyle and nature. I am excited to connect with you and share my experiences to help make your experience a positive one!