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Canadore International/Domestic Student Twinning Program

The Canadore International/Domestic Student Twinning Program (hereafter, the ‘Twinning Program’ seeks to provide a space for international and domestic students to meet, connect and learn from each other. The program’s key goals and objectives are to: 

  1. Allow international students to feel welcomed and integrated into the North Bay and Parry  Sound local communities by developing long-lasting friendships and connections with their domestic peers, and  
  2. To provide domestic students a structured and conducive space outside the classroom for the reciprocal learning of diverse international cultures, languages, cuisines and worldviews.   


Working as part of the team, the Domestic Student Twinning Program candidate is responsible for engaging with an international student.  In this capacity, the Domestic Student will act as a cultural guide and a resource person assisting in their transition to the College, North Bay and Canada.  

As part of the role, each Domestic student will be required to work within their International student to assist in planning one event per semester, which includes proposal development, recruitment, organization and execution of the event. 

This role requires an average commitment of 1 hour/week.

  1. Responsibilities:
    • Maintain contact with international student and report back on student status
    • Communicate regularly with the International Team and CSC through the email, phone, etc.
    • Proactively support International Students in their transition to Canadore College by providing information and referrals to appropriate campus resources
    • Collaborate with group members to plan semester events including, but not limited to; proposal development, recruitment and event execution
    • Promote a sense of belonging and inclusion through regular contact with mentees and encouraging participation in CSC events
    • Share your knowledge about Canadian culture and actively engage in dialogue, learning more about their experience and culture
    • Encourage students to attend CSC events and communicate benefits of programming
    • Create a safe, open, and culturally sensitive environment
    • Attend Twinning Program and team-building retreat
    • Attend monthly Twinning Program meetings
    • Assist students in their integration into the Canadore College and North Bay community
    • Communicate student issues and/or concerns to executive members and/or International Student Support Services and Programs Office employees


  1. Skills/Attributes:
    • Exhibit cultural sensitivity and willingness to learn from mentees and executive team
    • Interpersonal, listening and communication skills
    • Ability to foster inclusivity and build global awareness
    • Informed knowledge of Canadore College resources available
    • Empathy and interest in helping others
    • Dedication to mentoring role
    • Enthusiasm and desire to learn about all cultures


  1. The Twinning Program works on an annual basis to pair domestic and international students that voluntarily show interest in participating:

    Academic recognition: The Program may also be eligible for academic recognition via the Canadore College Co-Curricular Record (CCR) (TBC). The notation for all students is captured at the end of the program at the end of the Winter semester. The program may also be showcased on resumés as evidence of volunteerism.

  2. Photographs, video and other images or recordings taken during Twinning Program may be used in official Canadore College print or electronic materials. Please alert a Canadore representative at the event if you wish to not have your image captured.