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The FPCE is a relatively young organization, based out of North Bay, Ontario. Formed in 2022, the FPCE is currently pursuing partnerships and projects with government, private industry and other sector partners to complete projects that add value to national supply chains, capacity and Indigenous presence in the workforce. 

Backed by a Team of 6 leaders, with more than 100 years of collective experience, the FPCE, as an Indigenous-led organization is uniquely positioned to provide a broad array of training, consultancy and project execution support. 

The FPCE has formed strategic and focus alliances with Canadore College of Applied Arts & Technology First People’s Centre - Canadore College as well as ICAMP, The Innovation Centre for Manufacturing and Prototyping iCamp - Canadore College

Combined, these organizations can provide a wide array of support and execution including: 

  • Tailored Workforce Development Planning Solutions for Industry 
  • Cultural Workshops and Cross-Cultural Conpetency Training 
  • Advanced Prototyping and Manufacturing 
  • Training and Workforce Prospecting Solutions to Ease Talent Gaps 
  • Data Storage, Meta-Data and Scanning (Documents, 3D and Prototypes) 
  • Leadership Development and Coaching – Indigenous 
  • Applied Research and Capacity Development 
  • Indigenous lens-based Sustainability and Sustainable Development Projects 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Supports for Organizations 
  • Curated, Boutique Style Solutions – Drawing on nearly 80 employees and specialists