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Filming / Photo Shoots in the Library

Film/photo shoots for class assignments, institutional marketing purposes, or personal use are permitted in the library free of charge provided that the Executive Director, Library Services, or designate has been contacted in advance. As much as possible we will accommodate student film projects and assignments, as well as institutional marketing and public relations filming/photos.

Film/photo shoots for commercial purposes must receive prior written approval from the Executive Director, Library Services. Fees may be charged for commercial film/photo shoots.  

Right to deny or terminate requests

The Executive Director reserves the right to:

  • determine which areas of the library may or may not be used for film/photo shoots
  • deny use during the academic year
  • terminate any photography or filming that is disruptive, compromises library policies and/or the health and safety of library users, staff, and film shoot participants.


Contact the Executive Director, Library Services - Nancy E. Black

Guidelines for film/photo shoots

The needs of library users take priority in considering requests for film/photo shoots. We ask that you do not film/photograph library staff or library users without prior consent. We also ask that if any re-arrangements of furniture, books or other material are required that this be discussed in advance. Requests for film/photo shoots outside of library operating hours require special permission and staffing arrangements; fees will be applied. During film/photo shoots, please respect:

  • the privacy, study, work, research, teaching, and safety of library users and staff
  • library policies and procedures
  • safety protocols; do not block access to entrances/exits, stairways, corridors