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Special Events in the Library

Contact the Executive Director, Library Services with all inquiries to use the Harris Learning Library for an event. Inquiries made well in advance of the proposed event will be appreciated.

The primary purpose of the Harris Learning Library is to serve, support and advance the teaching, learning and research needs of the students, faculty and staff of Canadore College. All individuals are asked to respect:

  • the privacy, study, work, research, teaching of library users and library staff
  • library policies, procedures, and operational needs/requirements
  • safety of library users/staff and security/safety protocols.

These guidelines reflect the Library’s operational needs and supplement the institutional policies, procedures, and requirements of Canadore College (Health, Safety, Security, Risk Management, Facilities, and Conference Services). 

Institutional/internal requests: please consult with the Executive Director, Library Services in advance. As much as possible we will accommodate requests, particularly those that support and promote the educational purposes of Canadore College.

Requests from external agencies must receive prior written approval from the Executive Director, Library Services and/or appropriate institutional designate(s). Fees will be applied for use of the Library. 

If a smudging ceremony is planned for an event, additional arrangements and notification will be necessary.  Re-arrangements of furniture, equipment, or other materials must be discussed in advance. Please note: depending on the re-arrangement needs, consultation with the Facilities Department will be required; it may not be possible to accommodate certain requests.  

Solicitation is not permitted in the Library; requests to hold events or displays with the intent to promote services and/or sell products to library users will not be approved.

Depending on the nature of the event, time of year, library priorities, competing expectations, and operational requirements, it may not be possible to accommodate requests. Requests to hold events outside of library operating hours will require special permission and staffing/security arrangements; fees will be applied.

Please also see Filming/Photo Shoots in the Library

The Executive Director reserves the right to:

  • determine which areas of the library may or may not be used for an event
  • deny use during the academic year
  • terminate any event that is disruptive, compromises library policies and/or institutional policies, health and safety of library users, staff, and event participants.


Contact the Executive Director, Library Services
Nancy E. Black
705.474.3450 ext.  4220