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Canadore’s Research Process

Our process is designed to support innovative projects from inception to impactful outcomes.

Explore each stage below to understand how we facilitate research excellence and collaboration:


  1. Start

The journey begins with the submission or presentation of a research idea to the Research Centre and relevant partners through the Partner Intake Form. A preliminary discussion outlines the next steps, potentially utilizing the Research Project Proposal Form to formalize the concept.

  1. Discuss & Refine

An in-depth examination of the research idea is followed by the principal investigator in collaboration with the Research Centre. This stage includes:

    • Reviewing relevant trends, patterns, and industry articles.
    • Formulating specific research questions and desired outcomes.
    • Analyzing project benefits and risks.
    • Consulting with the First People’s Centre for projects involving Indigenous Peoples, Communities, or Nations.
    • Using the Project Proposal Evaluation Form for thorough assessment.
  1. Proposal Preparation & Review

After approval from the VPA, we prepare and review the proposal:

    • Exploring funding options and budgeting discussions.
    • Evaluating project viability with input from the Research Centre.
    • Crafting a detailed proposal aligned with funding guidelines and project metrics.
  1. Grant Submission

Submitting the finalized proposal to the relevant funding agency for consideration.

  1. Grant Approval

Upon approval, we embark on a detailed post-approval process:

    • Ensuring compliance with ethical, regulatory, and environmental frameworks.
    • Developing a comprehensive project plan and timeline.
    • Initiating procurement and resource acquisition.
    • Prioritizing stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.
    • Implementing rigorous risk management and contingency planning.
  1. Project Implementation

Led by the Principal Investigator, we execute the project with meticulous planning and coordination, supported by ongoing guidance from the Research Centre.

  1. Reporting & Project Completion

Throughout the lifecycle, we meet reporting requirements and prepare final reports to communicate outcomes effectively.

  1. Knowledge Translation/Dissemination

To maximize impact, we facilitate knowledge translation efforts tailored to each project’s scope and agreement.

This structured approach ensures that every research initiative at Canadore College is guided by thorough planning, ethical considerations, and a commitment to excellence in applied research.