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2017-2018 Clubs and Associations Package

KAG Club

KAG is an international, not-for-profit STAR TREK fan organization that focuses on the Klingons and their Empire. We explore the Klingon way of life through costuming, role-playing, prop building, language learning, and more. There are NO DUES here, and our growth is based on communication and cooperation.

KAG Provides a sense of community to anyone and every-alien. Discrimination Will Not Be Tolerated. 
Our two main goals are community involvement, and embracing the strength of diversity. 

We accept all beings from all universes... Even Star Wars. - Candice Gagne KAG Member 

Contact: Candice Gagne

Canadore Aviation Club

The Canadore Aviation clubs mission is to build upon student networking and industry knowledge all the while gathering students together in engaging events and activities. Some of the events planned for this Academic year include aviation industry related guest speakers and local tours such as the Museum of Aerospace Defense and the Air Traffic Control Tower.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, like our Canadore Aviation Club Facebook page and contact us at

WE Can Club

WE Can is composed primarily of students from the We Leadership program on campus, the club is currently split up into 4 different campaigns that focus on various Social Justice Issues including: Reducing Stigma and Educating people about Mental Health and Addictions, LGBTQ+ activism and education, Random Acts of Kindness and Recycling/Human Consumption. We plan on organizing various campaigns, information sessions, exhibitions and much more throughout the year, our main goal is to create change.Our club traveled to Ottawa in November 2017 for the annual We Day, we hope to be able to involved in more events like this in the future.  If you are interested in any of these causes and would like to join, please contact the President of the We Can Club, Nick Chasisson at

Games Club

This club is for all who enjoy board games! School can get pretty stressful, so our club is a great place to unwind and play a game or three in a safe, mellow atmosphere.

For more information contact Lucas Taylor - 

Drag Club

This group provides a safe space for Drag Queens & Kings to preform a yearly drag show for the school. If this is something your interested in participating in, please email Alyssa Swick at

Indian Club

The focus of the Indian Club is to help our Indian students feel, welcome, comfortable and to feel like they are at home .

The club offers special activities and events which include:  sports events and gatherings.


Contact: Nancyveen Kaur   e-mail: