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Biigiiweyan “Coming Home” is an Indigenous Inter professional Cultural Safety Training Program. The program targets the training of health care professionals and students.

Biigiiweyan uses Indigenous Ways of Knowing and relating to redefine Inter professional education (training and learning across disciplines) as well as live actor simulation, to train health care professionals in offering cultural safe health care to Indigenous peoples.

The training program presents cultural safety competencies for pre and post licensure professionals, including the knowledge, skills and behaviours as participants will need to demonstrate in order to show they have acquired the cultural safety competencies.

Throughout the creation of the Biigiiweyan Cultural Safety Program, Elders, Knowledge Keepers and Steering Committee Members shared the significance of reflection in learning and transforming minds and health care systems. We also learned about the importance of personal reflection in developing cultural humility.

The training is a 14 hour training session, it can be broken down in time frames depending on the needs of the organization. 2 day sessions or 7 week training in the evenings. It is led by a facilitator, knowledge keeper and faculty from Canadore College.

The sessions are as follows:

  1. Centre/Self – Session #1 - Introductions and Pre Discussion Circle
  2. East Direction – Session #2 – Colonization Past and Present
  3. Introduction of Simulation -Session #3 – Indigenous Worldviews and Healing and Wellness Practices
  4. South Direction – Session #4 – Respect, Relationships Reconciliation and Accessing Health Resources and Services
  5. West Direction – Session #5 – Mino Biimaazawin “Living the Good Life”
  6. North Direction – Session #6 – Cultural Safety, Advocacy and Health System Transformation

    Biigiiweyan was created from a 2 year research project with join efforts from Canadore College, Nipissing University and Ryerson University. As well as Nipissing First Nation, Dokis First Nation, Temagami First Nation and local Indigenous Organizations.

    If you are interested in hosting this training session or need more information:


    Cindy Hare
    Cultural Advisor, First Peoples’ Centre