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Indigenous Studies

The School of Indigenous Studies was developed in 2016 to bring together and build on the successes of programs designed specifically to address Indigenous community issues and goals. Many of these programs are culture-based, employ Indigenous faculty and use land-based and experiential learning—all critical to program quality. Course work reflects Indigenous Knowledge, worldviews and ceremonies, particularly in the Indigenous Wellness and Addictions program. The success of these programs is seen in the success of our students with an 80.5% retention rate for Indigenous learners.  Other programs are offered in partnership with Post-Secondary Indigenous Institutes

Biigiiweyan uses Indigenous ways of knowing and relating as well as live-actor simulation to redefine Interprofessional education (training and learning across disciplines) and train professionals and students to offer culturally safe services to Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Preparatory Studies

This unique culture-based program will help you find direction while learning the vital skills to make an informed decision about your college education or future career.

Indigenous Pre-Health Sciences Pathway

Prepare for further college studies or your future career in the health sciences sector in our unique culture-based program.

Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention

Training ranges from pharmacology to traditional methods including Sacred Circles, Teaching/Learning Circles, and the use of the four sacred medicines – tobacco, cedar, sage and sweet grass.

Health Care Administration – Indigenous

This program is designed to support Indigenous communities by preparing future health practitioners to increase their capacity to deliver services, coordinate programs and promote the health of the community.

Early Childhood Education - Anishinaabemowin

The Anishinaabemowin Early Childhood (AEC) Program is a highly specialized Anishinaabe immersion program designed to train individuals who aspire to work in early childhood Anishinaabemowin Immersion settings. 

Indigenous Diabetes Prevention Support Worker

Become an Indigenous Community Diabetes Support Worker and make a difference in diabetes prevention. Learn Indigenous concepts and traditional holistic teachings to deepen your cultural knowledge and health care practice.

First Peoples’ Aviation Technology – Flight

This program is the only post-secondary Indigenous aviation program of its kind in Canada and provides hands-on flight training for students interested in pursuing a pilot’s licence or working in the aviation industry.  

First Nations Child Welfare Advocate Graduate Certificate

The First Nation Child Welfare Advocate Program will prepare you for the important role of advocate or representative on behalf of a First Nation, child and/or family in relation to child protection matters. 


Canadore College offers a variety of Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year. Check back frequently to see what we have coming up next!

Coming up!

General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship Program for Women

Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Indigenous STEAM Program

Understanding that Indigenous Peoples have been practicing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for thousands of years, the KM STEAM Program honours and celebrates the land and its teachings.

Community-led Programs

Canadore tailors training and postsecondary education programs to meet the needs of the communities we serve.