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Wholistic Support


When you think about home you think about relationships, family, community, food, celebrations and traditions. All of those things are here at the First Peoples’ Centre. In fact, it is a home for students and their families, as many of the students are already parents and bring their young and school-aged children with them.  Transitioning to a new city is a significant event in life, it is a time of great excitement as well as a time of great uncertainty causing feelings of worry and anxiety.  For many learners, this may be the first time they have moved away from the familiar surroundings of their community and family.  Many may not have had to find a new home and deal with all the added responsibility that comes along with that, such as setting up utilities, paying first and last month’s rent, finding a new school for their child(ren) and ensuring that everything and everyone is taken care of.

The stress of attending college and the workload of being a student, in addition to family and other responsibilities, can be overwhelming.  The First Peoples’ Centre has established a wholistic support network to provide support, guidance, information and reassurance to our students and their families throughout their time with us here at Canadore.  Wholistic supports provide access to traditional medicine, ceremony, Elder in Residence, sharing circles, counselling, land based wellness program, social events, workshops, retention supports, academic supports, advocacy, and referrals.

Academic Support

FPC Indigenous Counsellor: Assist students in a number areas including academic, personal and financial issues, advocacy, testing, peer tutoring, mentorship, scholarships and bursaries information, IPREP referrals (Link), off campus service referrals

Recruitment and Retention Officer: Provides college information to prospective students, visits F.N. communities and schools, provides virtual and on-site college tours, promotes college activies, provides leadership and support to the Canadore Aboriginal Students Association, hosts lunch and learn sessions, provides workshops on topics like study skills, time management, financial literacy, resume writing, job search skills, stress management, test preparation, note taking and learning styles, etc.

Voluntary Self-Identification

Voluntary Self-Identification Online Form Here

Confidentiality Statement:

All information shared with Student Success Services will not be released without your written consent. Student’s personal information is held in utmost confidence within Student Success Services.

Indigenous Poverty Reduction Education Program (IPREP)

The IPREP Program is a student support mechanism in place for OW and ODSP recipients that are interested in pursuing post-secondary studies at Canadore.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness consists of recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, as well as preventing illness and injury or managing chronic health conditions. Providing students with referrals and other information like activities and supports available both at Canadore College and in the community, is of great importance to meet the individual needs of the students.

Health and Wellness
Campus Health Centre
Fitness and Wellness
North Bay Indigenous Hub
North Bay Indigenous Centre

Mental Health and Wellness

The FPC staff provide a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment to help build meaningful connections and positively influence student mental health.  We promote awareness about the relationship between of mental health and learning by optimizing opportunities for students to connect to an integrated network of programs, services, academic, cultural and spiritual supports and activities that enhance their personal and academic success.  We recognize the importance of connectedness for all students with other students, faculty, staff, and, services, resources, and groups by providing inclusive cultural events and other activities with the college community. 

Cultural and Spiritual Wellness

Canadore College recognize the world views and cultures and the diversity of Indigenous knowledge systems reflect valid ways of knowing the world and is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive environment for all of our student.  The Ceremony Room, Harvest Room, IWAP Teaching and Learning Space and the Elders Room in the Village surrounds all aspects of Indigenous cultural and spiritual wellness for our students and staff.  Drop in and visit, have a cup of tea and meet other students.

Elders on Campus and Cultural Advisors

  • Access to traditional medicines and ceremonies
  • Provide one-on-one support, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Help students to maintain and achieve wellness and life balance through mental, emotional, and spiritual supports.
  • Participate and lead various ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year.
  • Lead various activities such as community circles, sharing circles, cultural teachings, community hand drumming and singing, arts and craft sessions, and land-based learning opportunities