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Clean Water Initiative

Our vision is to create a comprehensive platform of technologies, services and educational programs tailored to First Nations needs and values that address the challenges of delivering reliable and sustainable clean drinking water to their communities.

The Clean Water Initiative @ Canadore will be the Catalyst for Change.

  • Change to the availability and delivery of technical support services and training to assist remote operators with troubleshooting, guidance and development of best practices.
  • Change to the business models used by communities and government to identify needs, provide funding, facilitate implementation and ultimately, protection of these long-term investments in the communities.
  • Change from the reactive models of “break and wait” to proactive models of “predict and plan”.
  • Change to community engagement by respecting community concerns, embracing traditional knowledge and values and incorporating these into deliverables being

Woman standing with a hardhat and clipboard

What are we trying to do?

To be the “Catalyst for Change” to address the systemic issues facing First Nations and the challenges in delivering clean drinking water to their communities.

Why are we doing this?

The current system for funding and support is broken and not sustainable. Current business models and technical support mechanisms are inadequate and inefficient.

What will we do?

Develop a comprehensive platform of products, services and educational programs tailored to First Nations needs and values. Inspire Indigenous students to take on fulfilling careers in water management.

What will we accomplish?

Create a showcase for innovation and technical support that will engage communities, tribal councils, government, and industry to achieve reliable and sustainable results.

What do we need?

Funding for resources to build the facilities, develop the platforms, engage communities, co-ordinate technical resources, align government departments, sign-up industry partners and manage the program to achieve long term goals.

Advisory Council

An Advisory Council will be established to validate our approach and guide the project to ensure we stay rooted in the needs of the communities and adhere to First Nations water policy and regulation.