Health and Wellness

Booking your Covid-19 Vaccine

When booking your Covid-19 Vaccine please visit - 

View the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Covid FAQs here

On-Campus Health Centre

The Campus Health Services provides students with convenient access to a wide array of medical services right at our College Drive Campus!

Campus Dental Clinic

Canadore College’s on-campus dental hygiene clinic is run by Dental Hygiene faculty, staff and students and offers a variety of services to patients.

Light Therapy Lounge

The Light Therapy Lounge, equipped with specialty daylight spectrum lighting and lamps, is designed to help combat health challenges like seasonal affective disorder, general lack of energy, depression and insomnia. 

Health Care Coverage

  • OHIP
    The Ontario Health Insurance Plan - you must present your OHIP card at each visit to the Campus Health Centre. The Campus Health Centre accepts all other provincial health cards (also to be presented at each visit)

Student Health Plan 


All full-time students who have paid the extended health plan fee are automatically enrolled in the Extended Health Plan@Canadore.

Registered full-time students are automatically enrolled in the health plan effective September 1 or January 1, depending on which semester you begin your studies. 

If you withdraw from all classes and thereby are no longer a student of Canadore College, the Health Plan will no longer cover you effective immediately upon your withdrawal date.

September Start students have until September 30th to select their plan.
January Start students have until January 30th to select their plan.

The website also provides important information on how to submit and monitor your claims, manage your account, and many other useful features. If you wish to select an alternate plan, add dependents or opt-out of the health plan, you must do so prior to the deadline date.

Domestic Plan Details:

If you are an international student attending Canadore College, please refer directly to for details on how to access your policy information and
access your account.

Quarantine Student Connection 

The Quarantine Student Connection by guard.meCARES is a professionally monitored, weekly student support group available through videoconferencing for students in quarantine. This service is available for inbound students arriving for the fall term of 2020. Broken down by province, students can register for a group session held weekly (morning or afternoon) during the duration of their quarantine. Monitored by a mental health professional, students lead the 30-minute session, sharing experiences, coping strategies, and educating each other on ways to improve their overall health and wellness. Through these weekly support groups, the students will gain the mental health benefits from virtual “check-ups” and staying socially connected. All sessions are in English.

To see the schedule for The Quarantine Student Connection and access this service, please click here.

Download the iCent app today

The iCent app (through your Guard.Me Health Plan) lets you access your health plan and file claims while having access to lots of great Canadore information!

iCent App

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