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PD Opportunities

Welcome to the home of ACE’s PD Opportunities. 

In the accordion menu below, you will find session information, dates and times of PD being delivered at Canadore. This information will be updated before each PD Opportunity Week.  Registration is required and can be done by using the registration link.  Feel free to join us for as many or as few sessions as you would like. 

If you have questions, concerns or ideas surrounding PD, please reach out to

Register for the upcoming PD sessions

Dates for 2021/2022

  • August 23 - September 3
  • October 25 - 29
  • January 3 - 7
  • February 28 – March 4
  • May 24 – June 10

May be subject to change

Teaching Through Adversity Panel with Michelle Cundari, Ryan Passmore, Dave Villeneuve & Jennifer Upton along with Keynote Speaker Ahmed Obaide
8:30am - 10:00am

Please join Ahmed Obaide as he kicks off the first ACE one day PD conference. He will share some of his own adversities along with the Teaching Through Adversity panelists Michelle Cundari, Ryan Passmore, and Dave Villeneuve. They will share some of the most challenging moments from their teaching careers. This is an open panel and participation from attendees is strongly encouraged. What are some of the moments that challenged you? As you reflect on these challenges, try to find sessions throughout the day that address these concerns and look forward to our Brighter Tomorrow panel in the afternoon, where our same panelists will be sharing some of their most positive and successful educational moments. After all, It’s a New Day!

CPD315: Zoom Basics with Steven Lazarou

Zoom video conferencing is just one more way to connect with your students.  Join Steven Lazarou to learn some basics of integrating Zoom into your class plan and having one more resource in your teaching tool belt.  Please note this session will be recorded for faculty training purposes.

CPD462: Best Practices for Creating Rubrics with Jennifer Barbeau, Inci Sariz Bilge and Joy Goldberg

Do you want to save time grading and providing feedback so you can focus on teaching? Join this session on best practices for creating rubrics to learn how to make student assessment more efficient and effective. Please note that this session will be recorded for training purposes.

International Student Support Strategies Drop-in Sharing Session with Julia Tignanelli  

The goal of this session is to provide faculty with the opportunity to ask questions, share best practices, and discuss useful resources and strategies for helping international students and second language learners succeed.  This is a drop-in session and open discussion will be led by ESL and communications faculty and support staff as well as an International Office representative.

CPD314: MS Teams Basics with Jacob Baisley

Interested in learning how to use MS Teams in the classroom? Join this session with Jacob to see practical examples of how Teams can be used to reach your students.

CPD460: Indigenous Teachings of the Medicine Wheel (Self Care) with Cindy Hare 

This session will be on Indigenous Teachings on the Medicine Wheel.  We will discuss the following:  What is a Smudge?  What is a Sharing Circle Ceremony?  What do the four directions on the Medicine Wheel mean and how can you use the Medicine Wheel as a guide to Self Care? What are the four traditional Anishnaabe Medicines?  A chance to learn more about Indigenous World Views.

CPD330: Advanced Zoom with Steven Lazarou

Connect with your students using Zoom features such as:  Polls, breakout rooms, annotate and co-annotate through the whiteboard feature, record your session and upload to Echo360.  Please note this session will be recorded for faculty training purposes.

CPD456: Understanding Academic Accommodations with Patricia Luciani and Leann Paquette

Collaboration between course instructors and Student Success Services is essential when providing academic accommodations that support a fair and inclusive learning environment for all students. This session offers insight into the accommodation process by providing information about how our office supports students with disabilities – both online and in-person.

This session will:

  • Review common disabilities, accommodation types and process of registration with Student Success Services
  • Review roles and responsibilities of students, faculty and staff in the implementation of accommodations
  • Explore different ways to provide accessible education

CPD248: Technology Available from Educational Technology Services with Mike Buck

Services and technology available from and supported by ETS. We will introduce and discuss possible uses of the equipment for remote teaching and recording supplemental material.

CPD324:  Echo360 Basics with Crissy Brooks-Wilson & Charmaine Rainville

Join Charmaine Rainville as she introduces the session and lets you know how she uses Echo360. The session will cover how to use Echo360, Canadores’ video platform. It will explain how to access and navigate Echo360 in iLearn including how to upload, record, edit, and share accessible and secure videos with your students quickly and easily!

CPD 121: Creating & Using Rubrics with Marianne Haist

Rubrics are easy to set up in iLearn, and they can be a huge timesaver! Attach them to an assessment item to make grading easy and provide students with the criteria they need to be successful. Join this session to see how you can incorporate them into your course.

Navigating the Return to Campus with Jim Ronholm

Join faculty moderator Jim Ronholm in discussing strategies for the return to campus. Faculty are invited to share what has/hasn’t worked as they’ve transitioned back to in-person learning. Fully remote faculty are encouraged to share their plans/concerns for when the day comes. Brainstorm with your peers and to craft your own best approach!

CPD460:  Maximize Engagement with Kahoot with Sydney from Kahoot

Learn how to take engagement with Kahoot to the next level with this K!EDU workshop.  Our Kahoot representative, Sydney, will go through the function and use cases of key features such as importing slides, advanced question types, asynchronous challenges, reporting, customizing existing content and more!  This session is for anyone interested in using ALL of the great features Kahoot has to offer.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced Kahoot user, everyone is welcome!

CPD130: Online Teaching Toolbox: Tips for Engaging Students with Inci Sariz Bilge and Joy Goldberg (& Nancy Pitre)

Increasing student participation and building social presence can be a challenge in online spaces. Join this session for tips to improve student engagement in hybrid and asynchronous deliver modes. Nancy Pitre will also share some of her online tips as well. Please note this session will be recorded for training purposes.

Classroom Management Strategies with Jacob Baisley


In this session, we'll discuss the different types of "classroom managers" and share successful management strategies. A portion of this session will be dedicated to open sharing of techniques, so don't be shy if you've got some great strategies to share as well! Please note that this session will be recorded for faculty training purposes.

A Brighter Tomorrow Panel with Michelle Cundari, Ryan Passmore, Dave Villeneuve & Jennifer Upton along with Closing Keynote Speaker George Burton
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Please join our panelists Michelle Cundari, Ryan Passmore, and Dave Villeneuve & Tara McGoey once again. To contrast our first session of the day, our panelists will be sharing some of their most uplifting and exciting moments from their educational journey. As we reflect on the trials we’ve faced, it’s important to hang onto the moments of joy and inspiration and share these experiences with colleagues. This is another open panel and we would love to hear your stories as well! Take a moment and remember the moments that make the tough times worthwhile. President George Burton will offer closing statements and help us remember that each day is new day!