Research at Canadore

Services provided:

The Research Office provides the following administrative services:

  • Applied Research policy interpretation
  • Liaison with funding agencies
  • Investigation of research opportunities
  • Proposal writing support
  • Budgeting and finance support
  • Assistance with reporting requirements
  • Training and professional development
  • Project management services
  • Concierge service to source funding for research opportunities


Canadore has four major research related policies

Academic Policies related to Research

  • Academic Integrity
  • Academic Integrity Procedures
  • Responsible Conduct of Research

Corporate Policies relevant to Research

  • Research Administration Policy
  • Research Administration Procedures
  • Research with Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Nations



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Canadore’s Research Vision:

The research produced by Canadore College is to be of the highest quality and ethical standards, adding value to society by tackling important and challenging problems in disciplines that are identified as areas of strength.

Canadore’s Research Mission:

To foster a collaborative research culture across all divisions of the College that revolve around engagement, innovation, and active participation of industry partners while deploying a solution-based approach that serves post-secondary education and community needs.

Research Data Management Strategy


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