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Canadore College CQAAP 2024


What is the College Quality Assurance Audit Process?

Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) facilitates the 5-yr audit cycle for all colleges in Ontario. College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP) is an institutional level process that involves the regular and cyclical review of each college’s quality assurance mechanisms. The standards provide the framework for Ontario’s colleges in assessing the extent to which their quality assurance mechanisms meet the established standards. Its purpose is developmental, and its intent is to ensure continual improvement. (OCQAS,

CQAAP Standards

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure the existence of a quality assurance system.

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure vocational learning outcomes are at the centre of the program’s lifecycle activities.

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure the conformity of programs of study with relevant government requirements.

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure the quality of program delivery and student assessment.

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure the communication and monitoring of established academic policies and practices related to academic issues.

Effective quality assurance mechanisms ensure the existence, availability and allocation of resources (human, physical, financial) and technological infrastructure to support student achievement of PVLOs.


Ontario College Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS)

The Ontario College Quality Assurance Service is responsible for ensuring quality at both the program level through the Credential Validation Service (CVS) as well as at the institutional level through the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP). As an organization mandated by the provincial government but independent of any specific educational institutions and government, they provide unbiased consultation, direction, and service with an arms-length approach.

College Quality Assurance Process (CQAAP)

The Ontario College Quality Assurance Service OCQAS and its CQAAP are designed to ensure quality and continuous improvement in Ontario's colleges. The CQAAP involves regular reviews of each college's quality assurance mechanisms, assessing their compliance with established standards to facilitate continual improvement.

Credentials Validation Service (CVS)

The Credential Validation Service (CVS) ensures timely validation of programs of instruction in colleges, aligning with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities' policy directive. Its mandate includes providing assurance that all programs conform to the Credentials Framework, maintaining credential integrity, and guaranteeing consistency and quality in Ontario's programs. The outcomes-based credentialing model involves collaboration between the ministry, industry, colleges, and the organization to establish required outcomes for each credential.

Framework for Programs of Instruction

The delivery of programs of instruction is the core business of colleges of applied arts and technology in Ontario. The binding policy directive applies to all colleges of applied arts and technology and defines expectations for all programs of instruction offered by colleges regardless of the funding source, except for ministry-funded apprenticeship training.

MCU Published College Program Standards

Program standards were introduced by the ministry in the 1990s to establish consistency, enhance college graduates' skills with Essential Employability Skills (EES), and ensure the quality and relevance of programs. These standards consist of vocational learning outcomes, Essential Employability Skills (EES) outcomes, and general education requirements, serving as a framework for postsecondary programs. While the vocational learning outcomes provide consistency in program outcomes, individual colleges have the flexibility to determine the program's structure, delivery methods, and additional learning outcomes based on local needs and interests.

Ontario Qualifications Framework (OQF)

The Ontario Qualifications Framework (OQF) is a comprehensive framework that classifies and aligns qualifications across the province's postsecondary education and training systems. It provides a common understanding of the knowledge, skills, and competencies associated with different educational credentials. The OQF facilitates comparability and transferability of qualifications, supporting learners in making informed decisions and advancing their education and career pathways.

Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB)

PEQAB, the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board, is an independent agency responsible for evaluating and assuring the quality of postsecondary institutions and programs in Ontario. It ensures that colleges and universities meet established standards of academic excellence, program quality, and student protection. PEQAB plays a crucial role in promoting accountability and maintaining the overall quality and integrity of postsecondary education in the province.

Skilled Trades Ontario

Skilled Trades Ontario is an initiative aimed at promoting and supporting careers in the skilled trades across the province. It focuses on increasing awareness, attracting individuals to pursue skilled trades as a viable career path, and providing resources and information for skills development and apprenticeships. Skilled Trades Ontario plays a vital role in addressing the demand for skilled trades professionals, fostering economic growth, and meeting the needs of Ontario's workforce.