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What We Do

Teaching Support

ACE provides faculty support and training for the effective design and delivery of Canadore’s courses and programs. It oversees the management and use of the College’s EdTech tools like iLearn. Faculty teaching and learning services include:

  • Course design & development assistance
  • Classroom delivery guidance
  • EdTech (e.g. iLearn) support & training
  • Professional development opportunity sessions

Applied Research

ACE supports faculty and partnering organizations to procure research grants and funding opportunities, as well as participate in applied research activities. Visit Research at Canadore to learn more about the College’s research services available to faculty and community partnering organizations.

Program Development

ACE leads and supports the development process of new programs at Canadore to assures they are top quality and meet College, government, and industry requirements. Guidelines that direct new program development at Canadore include the College’s Strategic Plan, Academic Priorities, and Program Quality Assurance (PQA) policy

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

ACE directs and oversees the completion of program and course quality assurance processes at Canadore as outlined in the Colleges’ Academic Effectiveness and Quality Management Framework (AEQM). These processes assure programs and courses adhere to the College’s Program Quality Assurance (PQA) policy, the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ Published Program Standards, and Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) standards.

To learn more about each quality assurance process at Canadore select below.

All Canadore programs undergo a thorough review on a 3-year cycle to ensure continuous improvement. Faculty, support staff, students, and external stakeholders, such as industry employers and Program Advisory Committees, collaborate to complete program reviews. Review teams assure programs meet the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ College Diploma and Certificate Program Standards as well as meet the College’s five pillars or guiding principles for success. These pillars are:

  • Student Success
  • Program and Service Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Connection to Community
  • Sustainability

Each year, Canadore program curricula is reviewed to confirm that it complies with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ curricula requirements and that it is accurate, current, and meets industry needs. This review is completed collaboratively, by faculty, academic administrators, and external stakeholders, such as industry certification organizations in accordance with the Annual Curriculum Review process. 

General education courses undergo a regular cyclical review at Canadore.  This general education review is completed in accordance with the College’s General Education policy and procedure. It assures that all general education programs and courses align to all Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ general education requirements.  

Course outlines, which list the learning outcomes, program vocational outcomes, essential employability skills, required learning resources, teaching and learning activities, and assessment and evaluation strategies for a course, are reviewed, revised, and updated annually. This review is completed in accordance with the College’s Course Outline policy and procedureCourse outlines and section specific information that accurately reflect the learning experience play a key role in achieving program excellence and support the learning process of students.

All faculty at Canadore participate in a regular teaching performance review. During this review, students, administration, and faculty assess and provide teaching performance feedback. This feedback is used to hone teaching performance and set goals for teaching performance improvement and growth. Faculty performance reviews are completed  in accordance with the College’s Faculty Performance Review policy and procedure. This process is led out of the Organizational Development and Talent Management office.

Every five years, Canadore completes the Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Services (CQAAP) Quality Assurance audit. This audit is a review of the College’s programs and systems to assure they meet standards, are fiscally sound, effective, and efficient.