Policies and Procedures

Corporate Policies and Procedures

Accessibility Policy

Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities Policy

Approval Authority Policy

Board of Governors Expense Policy

Capital Assets – Recording, Reporting and Safekeeping Policy

Commercialization Mandate Policy Framework

Commercialization Policy

Communications Policy

Competitive Procurement Policy

Computing and Network Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Conflict of Interest Procurement Protection for Volunteers

Conflict of Interest Policy

Donor Recognition Policy

Emergency Disclosure of Personal Information Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

External Governor Recruitment Policy

Free Speech Policy Statement

Annual Free Speech Report

Health and Safety Policy

Honorary Diploma and President's Award Policy

Indigenous Education and Training

Media Communications Policy

Meta Policy - Policies and Procedures

Non Academic Involuntary Withdrawal

No Smoking Policy

President’s Performance Evaluation Policy

Privacy Protection Policy

Professional Development Policy

Professional Development Procedure

Professional Development Leave Policy 

Professional Development Leave Procedure

Professional Development Leave – Appendix A

Purchase of Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Research Administration Policy

Research Administration Procedures

Research with Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Nations Policy

Research with Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Nations Procedure

Respectful College Community Policy

Respectful College Community Policy Complaint Form

Respectful College Community Procedure

Safe College Community

Security Video Surveillance, Recording, and Storage Policy

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Procedure

Substance Use Policy - Recreational Cannabis and Alcohol

Supply Chain Code of Ethics Policy

Support of Community Events and Initiatives

Travel Meal and Hospitality Expenses

Tuition Fee Subsidy Policy

External Policies/Codes include:
Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act 
Ontario Human Rights Code
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms